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?Friendless Asian kid plays with creepy old Asian M... (4.30) money-hat 2006-05-15
I rented the movie after seeing this. Can you believe that?
Cold-NiTe 2006-05-15
?NEDM: The Investigation. (Updated) (4.51) krytycal 2006-05-15
This YTMND is incredibly well made, atmospheric, and powerfully informative. It transcends 'random stupid comedy' to create... the first YTMND horror genre work.
Cold-NiTe 2006-05-15
?Tenacious D, Demon Exterminator (4.46) ps3fool 2006-05-24
Holy shit. Best music I have ever heard, hilarious clip, and a PERFECT match for each other. I must find the origin of this music.
Cold-NiTe 2006-05-24
?Mystery Song Found! (Proof!) (4.37) PocoLoco 2006-05-26
The mystery song has been found. My god. My world has been rocked. Rocked HARD.
Cold-NiTe 2006-05-26
?DEPLOY THE DOMO ARIGATO ROBOT (3.75) dasupalouie 2006-06-03
One of the earlier YTMND's that I remember from way back. Not nearly the earliest one I've seen but certainly not recent.
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-03
?The More You Know...[Refresh] (3.87) Vaginapuncher 2006-06-04
A great resource.
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-04
?The Ceiling Crawler Will Catch You! (3.97) gregmcduck 2006-06-22
Because it blows my mind. Live action versions of old anime never gets weirder than this.
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-22
?Ceiling Cake Crawler (4.03) agentanderson 2006-06-22
He wasn't fucking kidding. (Read AgentAnderson's Comment in the original.)
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-22
?BORED?! (4.14) TjenTang 2006-06-29
Possibly one of the best uses of NEDM that wasn't specifically 'about NEDM'.
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-29
?The Robots have released me. (4.31) VinnyWeapons 2006-06-29
I love ongoing stories that are "in-jokes" as well as memes.
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-29
?A Warm Meal for VinnyWeapons (3.71) BlackAspen 2006-06-29
Ongoing story.
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-29
?Vinny Weapons returns safe! NYC celebrates with ... (4.05) money-hat 2006-06-29
Ongoing story. Also, good edit.
Cold-NiTe 2006-06-29
?Drop Infinitum (4.12) MescalineBanana 2006-07-02
What can I say, I love beautiful sites.
Cold-NiTe 2006-07-02
?Walt Disney Pictures Presents: Berserk (3.84) MagnaZeroX 2006-07-08
As an obsessed Berserk fan, I HAVE to keep this for future use. It's too perfect. Honestly, if people would stop giving shit to anyone who enjoys anime long enough to consider their own preferences, they'd find shows they like too. But of course that requires an open mind, and I doubt anyone here has that.
Cold-NiTe 2006-07-08
?Metal Gear Idol (4.34) Yozetty 2007-03-04
As a Metal Gear fan, how the hell can I not favorite this?
Cold-NiTe 2007-03-04
?4Chan: the Dregs of the Internet (4.25) kittrell 2007-03-09
I don't think the point is to show 4chan as "cool" in this image. It's more about their senseless need for self enforced exclusion. You might immediately associate this with "oh look, the 4channers think they're badass", but really, and that cough drives it home, it seems so lonely, the air so dry, and long past desperation to the point of derision.
Cold-NiTe 2007-03-09
?LOSTMND: La Grande Delusion . . . (4.03) zer0hue 2007-03-11
It was just that good.
Cold-NiTe 2007-03-11
?We Don't Need Rainbow Roads (3.99) Ochobobo 2007-03-22
Property Value = 1000 gold coins per home.
Cold-NiTe 2007-03-22
?Dun gawt da wrong numbah! (4.21) teh-kao 2007-03-25
Cold-NiTe 2007-03-25
?if Freddy Mercury was Japanese... (3.81) liquid-happiness 2007-04-29
Cold-NiTe 2007-04-29
?Dancing to Work? (4.03) deltasleep 2007-05-04
Cold-NiTe 2007-05-04
?What is Charlie Gunna DO? (4.32) MrStump 2007-05-10
Love it. Need it.
Cold-NiTe 2007-05-10
?SUPER MARIO OUCHERS™ (2.98) MurdarMachene 2007-05-13
Disguised blank vote.
Cold-NiTe 2007-05-13
?DJ Bob Barker Owns One Record (4.32) AskAak 2007-05-23
Best Price is right Remix EVER.
Cold-NiTe 2007-05-23
?This is The Freeman. (3.98) SniperChance 2007-05-28 the test chamber.
Cold-NiTe 2007-05-28
?LOSTMND: Ignorance Approaching Enlightenment ... (4.08) zer0hue 2012-07-12