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June 20th, 2006
September 18th, 2023
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April 2nd, 2020
On on the news post Gimme Shelter.
thanks max
November 21st, 2018
On on the news post Amazing Grace.
went in effect earlier this year, sites wont autoplay audio without user interaction
which literally killed
April 26th, 2013
Reply to max's comment on the news post 54-46 Was My Number.
YTMND litecoin fund: LSwK4y5wm5WwFdyWUbuomaVpfqPyoZbfzq
April 7th, 2013
On on the news post on the road again.

International Electric Wire:
IBAN: 95731 59513 59831 85391 80351
Bank Address: Uraniastrasse 9 / 8023 ZURICH
Fanfare Estonia OÜ Viru, Kesklinn, 10140 Tallinn, Harju
May 1st, 2012
Reply to Image's comment on the news post Her Majesty.
ytmnd 'worked' when 1) the jan 2006 ebaums debacle created an influx of new users and interest to the site ( ) .. new users enjoyed making sites because the gif+sound(+text) concept was so simple, and allowed plenty of room for experimentation. 2) more importantly, the frontpage served as a huge incentive to make sites as it rewarded users with massive audience exposure via 'up and coming' and 'top viewed today' .

ytmnd 'died' when max decided to make the site orange. straight up. the intimidating gang tattoo 'ytmnd' logo at the top of the page in like 2005-2006 was so good. it worked so well. if you had never been to the site before it seemed sort of like a dangerous place--along with there being a nsfw version with a BLACK background. fucking menacing imo-- im not even playing max that site design was so badass.

idk bout yall but 'camping out' on sites' comment pages that were up and coming/most viewed all day/night reading comments as they came in was the shit. it was even worth it to make exotic troll sites like [site cosby-bebop:site] that had endless hateful comments just for the pleasure of reading. does a site even make like 10 views any more?

max knew how to get users to do shit for him for free, because people cared about the site. that was going for him real well until people warmed up to his jew tricks and he had to get people like BTape to make stuff for him. What do you think is going to happen to the site if you promote BTape to chairman of the board? take a look at the site in its present state.

the community of those who were most active in 2006 are no longer active, except for fearcondom lol, and because as you can see, there is no incentive to make sites any more if you want to reach any sort of audience. seriously who comes to this site any more---who are all these people?

this site was a lot of fun at one point though