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SOPA and PIPA are bills making their way through the house that are a misguided aim to attempt to stop piracy. For this contest, you have two options; either make a YTMND that you know would get this site shut down if these bills pass, or make a YTMND that would highlight what the world/internet would be like if these bills pass. Or you could pretend to do something about it.
Start Date
January 18th, 2012 12:00pm
End Date:
January 31st, 2012 01:44pm
Entry Deadline:
January 28th, 2012 01:44pm
rank site user score
1st ?some deep symbolism mrpink51089 2012-01-18 (388 total votes)
2nd ?CAPTCHA! fearcondom 2012-01-23 (408 total votes)
3rd ?Kitt Engages Sopa Pursuit Mode HailFail 2012-01-21 (169 total votes)
4th ?YTMND or Die Hard NiteSky 2012-01-21 (193 total votes)
5th ?Obi-Wan Escapes with the Waffles Famery-Gai 2012-01-20 (394 total votes)
6th ?Obama, I Wanna Go Surfing GordonFremen 2012-01-21 (111 total votes)
7th ?(nsfw) What you can't see with SOPA Marlboro27 2012-01-18 (120 total votes)
8th ?kfc 2012 peesauce 2012-01-20 (43 total votes)
9th ?SOPA King We Todd Ed Famery-Gai 2012-01-18 (41 total votes)
10th ?Chunk Addresses Sopa Fluk3 2012-01-28 (102 total votes)
13th ?Agent Helena Digs Around Ytmnd lickitwellhiem 2012-01-23 (56 total votes)
14th ?Solidus Addresses Congress woman 2012-01-18 (23 total votes)
15th ?Hobo With A Sopa Gun HailFail 2012-01-19 (14 total votes)
16th ?***FREE Regina Spektor SONGS*** prairiedogeric10 2012-01-18 (29 total votes)
17th ?Uncle Rico Doesn't Like PIPA Steak HailFail 2012-01-21 (13 total votes)
18th ?Real Anti-SOPA PSA DarthWang 2012-01-20 (16 total votes)
19th ?You are a Pirate - Badass Version DarthWang 2012-01-25 (67 total votes)
20th ?Bobby Fischer writes a letter to protest for SOPA WannabeGayNigger 2012-01-22 (12 total votes)
23rd ?Megadeath for Megaupload WannabeGayNigger 2012-01-21 (33 total votes)
24th ?Angie Harmon: Actress, Leader lickitwellhiem 2012-01-26 (49 total votes)
26th ?Moon Man comments on SOPA Excrement 2012-01-21 (12 total votes)
29th ?Moon Man shows you a chart that shows you that niggers ... WannabeGayNigger 2012-01-27 (33 total votes)
30th ?I'm a Racist Spelling Bee WannabeGayNigger 2012-01-26 (28 total votes)
31st ?Lars Ulrich On SOPA HailFail 2012-01-19 (11 total votes)
33rd ?Metal Gear Arsenal #11 woman 2012-01-27 (12 total votes)
35th ?Ocelot is back! woman 2012-01-24 (24 total votes)
36th ?Ron Swanson: SOPA IS UNAMERICAN jreeree1515 2012-01-25 (4 total votes)
38th ?hello all ghcghcghc 2012-01-26 (25 total votes)
39th ?Prairiedogeric10 is not afraid anymore! woman 2012-01-27 (26 total votes)
41st ?Metal Gear Arsenal #14 woman 2012-01-27 (8 total votes)
42nd ?Metal Gear Arsenal #13 woman 2012-01-27 (8 total votes)
43rd ?Chuck Norris Kills SOPA HailFail 2012-01-19 (10 total votes)
44th ?Ash Is Not Prepared For What He Is About To See HailFail 2012-01-25 (5 total votes)
48th ?Wiki Blackout There's Always YTMND jreeree1515 2012-01-18 (8 total votes)
49th ?Elmo Tell Katy Perry A Secret HailFail 2012-01-21 (6 total votes)
50th ?Everybody Loves Raymond - Marie's Sculpture ***... prairiedogeric10 2012-01-18 (9 total votes)
51st ?Office Space Jam WannabeGayNigger 2012-01-21 (11 total votes)
53rd ?BLATHER Fluk3 2012-01-19 (11 total votes)
54th ?(nsfw) clicking on this site violates our TERMS OF USE Krangar18 2012-01-19 (19 total votes)
55th ?Metal Gear Arsenal #12 woman 2012-01-27 (7 total votes)
56th ?what sopa may do the internet letsago 2012-01-19 (10 total votes)
59th ?(nsfw) Der goes teh net dudegoofyguy 2012-01-18 (10 total votes)
60th ?max drops the SOPA and gets a PIPA in his asshole mik3m 2012-01-18 (16 total votes)
62nd ?(nsfw) Thoughts on SOPA xithix 2012-01-20 (4 total votes)
63rd ?(nsfw) SANTORUM SWIRL Dyslexia 2012-01-24 (13 total votes)
65th ?First thoughts about SOPA DeathmasterJesus 2012-01-20 (6 total votes)
66th ?Trade foodstamps for cross neckalces here ft. Albert Fish AranaDiscoteca 2012-01-20 (5 total votes)
67th ?My favorite character from the 90's psychofishhead 2012-01-28 (8 total votes)
68th ?what partyy mouse thinks of sopa and pipa letsago 2012-01-19 (6 total votes)
69th ?Soap Sopa HailFail 2012-01-20 (8 total votes)
70th ?TMHTDTMHTDDTMHTDTMHTDD yourdogisnowtheman 2012-01-21 (5 total votes)
71st ?World's Most Annoying Obi-Wan steals SOPA ft. ... woman 2012-01-27 (11 total votes)
72nd ?(nsfw) WRONGMUSICTMND: SOPA and PIPA mtallmen184 2012-01-19 (9 total votes)
73rd ?I can't believe it! GeorgieBoy is now FEIMOS. Diego1892 2012-01-26 (6 total votes)