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I'm awake and up at 7am on a saturday. happy 100th birthday to me! Have ya seen how expensive everything is now? And the politics! They just don't make flying cars like they used to. I remember when Apple-Subaru made a gene swapping mind-hoarder sedan for under 5.99999 Earth Coins. It could retrieve the memory of where you were going and doing before the Ultra-Police got clearance to cease fire and extract you from your safety canister! And didn't even download the newest crippling software update till after you came to a complete stop. Bah I forget. how many earth coins for a gallon of milk? or is that illegal now. i heard cows got the right to vote or something. And got granted "endagered species" status! So they actually vote first. You don't know humility till you have to wait at the back of the line in the county free speech zone for a voting kiosk after thirty head of Holstein. I know. I know that makes me sound like a biggot nowadays, but that's what we used to call 'em and it just sticks with ya. Society will be more fair for the cows once all us centenarians die off. And good luck getting your death permit on time! It was nice to see the word "shazbot" finally recognized as an Official Offensive Term by the Bureau of Alcohol, Milkweed and Assault-Words though Ok this somehow went from asinine to "oh shit, they're gonna take it all when I die if I don't get that damn permit" real fast No biggies. We'll hear the Jingle of the Pharmacy truck bells coming down the street in no time and shamble out to meet Doctor Driver. He'll lean down and drop us a wry wink with his flashy smile and might just have us a spare ice-cold selective memory deleting suppository in one of his famous "spare" envelopes. That driver... he's going places!
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