Okami in 8-Bit
Created on: April 22nd, 2007
Okami in 8-Bit

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April 22nd, 2007
Cookie 4 U... It exists its called ZELDA, you know, the game that Okami "borrowed" things from. Ah well... 5'ed anyway.
May 25th, 2007
Okami was in development long before Miyamoto thought, "Oh, I'll make link turn into a wolf in this game!". So please shut up.
April 10th, 2008
I don't remember a Celestial Brush in any Zelda game. Oh well, borrowed or not, Okami is still more fun (and has better music).
December 20th, 2008
This is awesome!
November 3rd, 2009
i dont get it but i like it :0