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?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-05-13
You, sir, are btrilliant.
BPMOmega 2006-05-13
?(nsfw) Optimus Prime Likes Boobies (4.09) CAvenger 2006-05-19
This is the REAL reason Optimus Prime came to Earth.
BPMOmega 2006-05-19
?Luigi Sings Wii Will Rock You (3.88) Amation 2006-05-21
"Hooray for me, Luigi!"
BPMOmega 2006-05-21
?(nsfw) Shinji from Evangelion sticks it to GAINAX (4.26) toiletduck 2006-05-23
I'd also like to know if the bus comes through here...
BPMOmega 2006-05-23
?(nsfw) The Juggernaut delivers. (4.15) PlatformerMastah 2006-06-04
I haven't seen any of the X-Men movies... but this made me laugh so hard, since I've seen that redubbed video.
BPMOmega 2006-06-04
?Blaze of Cosby (4.21) SirLemming 2006-06-05
Mwahahahaha! Great.
BPMOmega 2006-06-05
?Crazy Foreign Ducktales Singalong Movie (REFRE... (4.23) ChaosTheFox 2006-06-05
BPMOmega 2006-06-05
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-06-06
Monkey Island + "Weird Al" = INSTANT WIN
BPMOmega 2006-06-06
?Epic Cosby Password (4.04) Kassius 2006-06-24
I don't get the image... but the music is pure WIN.
BPMOmega 2006-06-24
?Coach McGuirk: You're the Man Now Dog (3.84) MasterSitsu 2006-06-27
McGuirk forever.
BPMOmega 2006-06-27
?New Futurama (3.98) sixzerofour 2006-07-06
This is probably what the boxart would be like if there was an NES Futurama game. Because, ya know, there were a lot of weird NES boxarts...
BPMOmega 2006-07-06
?Phoenix Cosby (4.55) Kassius 2006-08-07
Bill Cosby: Ace Attorney. Coming soon from Capcom!
BPMOmega 2006-08-07
?Chunk Addresses Sony's E3 2006 Confere... (4.16) Ecrofirt 2006-08-08
We should've listened to Chunk...
BPMOmega 2006-08-08
?Katamario Paint! (4.45) aXcoreXdion 2006-08-11
I love it.
BPMOmega 2006-08-11
?The Real Three Sizes of Consoles (4.10) MrRoboto 2006-08-11
The truth will set you frii. Or something like that there.
BPMOmega 2006-08-11
?Sonic Gives Censored Advice (4.18) bumman 2006-08-11
Oh, Sonic, and your wacky advice.
BPMOmega 2006-08-11
?OMG, Hitler's Exploding on Bionic Com... (3.45) parrothead1983 2006-09-01
Your head a splode!
BPMOmega 2006-09-01
?Han Solo likes snickers (4.04) SweetPete13 2006-09-23
Snickers are best frozen... in carbonite.
BPMOmega 2006-09-23
?Mouse Problems [W/Cite] (4.17) InvertedShadow 2006-09-23
Man... I hope that call was a joke...
BPMOmega 2006-09-23
?punch the keys, for god's sake (4.39) Aphex350 2006-09-23
Aha. Now it all makes sense! No, wait! Nothing makes sense!
BPMOmega 2006-09-23
?Niggas Bike Stash (4.59) Derge 2006-09-29
That's... a lot of stolen bikes!
BPMOmega 2006-09-29
?Grand Galactic Inquisitor Covertly Observes (3.67) NoTransFat 2006-10-23
I love it.
BPMOmega 2006-10-23
?Sega Updates Their European Logo - Now with Fla... (4.25) Wurglemorts 2007-01-12
This just in: SoE has just relocated from UK, 2007, to Germany, 1939.
BPMOmega 2007-01-12
?We Didn't Start This Website! (4.77) NeoMatrixClt 2007-02-11
That's how you sum up a site's entire history into a few minutes!
BPMOmega 2007-02-11
?Optimus Prime sings (3.15) furrykef 2007-02-17
Prime is an excellent singer. I will buy his single.
BPMOmega 2007-02-17
?Jack Bauer vs. William T. Riker (4.56) Mohrdikai 2007-03-29
That is so HADOUKENing awesome.
BPMOmega 2007-03-29
?Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (4.29) nrXic 2007-03-31
Dammit. Someone get Mario his kart...
BPMOmega 2007-03-31
?Punch the shake for God's Keys (4.37) EtanSivad 2007-05-09
Bloody brilliant.
BPMOmega 2007-05-09
?2K shakes it (3.90) TokimekiCoconuts 2007-05-26
BPMOmega 2007-05-26
?(nsfw) Nigga Stole My Bike!!! (4.16) Duezce 2007-06-01
Huh... So it was YOUR voice in this, eh? I thought it was from a rap song... Still, Punch-Out!! has been forever changed in my eyes thanks to you. :D
BPMOmega 2007-06-01
?YTMND Spelling Bee '06 (4.58) Poho 2007-06-10
Massibe ROR
BPMOmega 2007-06-10
?STUPID SEXY SNAKE (4.19) maddoxfanx 2007-10-08
Dude, this is beyond epic. It's like... I cannot describe it. Words fail me right now.
BPMOmega 2007-10-08
?Rest In Peace, Weighted Companion Cube (4.18) ajax133 2007-10-12
Good sir, you've touched my heart. Weighted Companion Cube was always there for me. Its death was not in vain!
BPMOmega 2007-10-12
?Coming this fall, a heartwarming tale (4.28) NorthAmericanDangerD 2007-10-25
Great effort. One minor error, though. You forgot to edit the movie title in the credit screen. Fix it, and I'll change my vote to a 5. :D
BPMOmega 2007-10-25
?Curious George Sniffs Ether (3.71) django747 2007-11-11
That is one hiiiiiiigh monkey.
BPMOmega 2007-11-11
?Honk Honk! Honk Honk! Smells Good! Smells Goo... (2.92) MetalSharkPlayer 2007-11-17
It does smell good.
BPMOmega 2007-11-17
?Jesus, LOL RPG: new footage! (4.30) monsterparty 2007-11-22
?Jesus, LOL RPG! (4.12) monsterparty 2007-11-22
?Jesus, LOL RPG continued! (4.25) monsterparty 2007-11-22
?Jesus, LOL RPG: The Last Temptation (4.12) monsterparty 2007-11-22
?The Greatest Movie Ever (3.23) GXEntertainment 2007-12-17
?DOOD!!! (3.76) NinjaKefka 2008-02-07
?Metal Gear Bueller (4.03) Clorox 2008-03-02
?Nintendo Controversy ( newcomer ) (4.10) LifeInGreen 2008-07-17
?(nsfw) You are such a dick, Scott (sync) (4.01) LifeInGreen 2009-03-05
?(nsfw) Anime does Full Metal Jacket (4.36) Sixfortyfive 2009-10-17