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I just decided I would totally rave to this sh*t
On on the site ?The Wave
goddammit you stupid piece of sh*t... OKAY, LISTEN UP INTERNET sh*tHEADS: "sich heil", as in (roughly) "praise you" NOT "sieg heil" or any other f*cking gay sh*t like that you goddamned retard, plus your f*cking ytmnd sucked you piece of sh*t
OMG perfect sync, I f*cking played MM2 all the time when I was a kid... hand me the cyanide, my life is complete now, everything from here on out will only be a letdown...
great concept + composition, only reason I gave you a 4 instead of 5 is because it didn't really make me laugh. I'd like to see you use this concept in other ways, perhaps to more humorous ends, I think it would make for a great ytmnd.
I like this ytmnd, but what's the context of the scene anyway?
OMG just yesterday my friend was remixing soem cosby stuff and we both laughed and remarked, "That one part sounds like f*cking, crows or something..."