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LEWL... meeting people from the internet= teh awkward!!1 -5 for awkward, embarrasing meeting .... +3 for snakes on a muthaf*ckin plane.
ha...? :-( Seriously, that sh*ts gonna give me nightmares.
On on the site ?shh library
On on the site ?Friendly Fire
I hope that was Upham.
On on the site ?PvP Orly?
f*cking awful.
Hey don't be bitter just because your site sucks. I mean, it really sucked dick. Sorry, I try to be fair, but I have no patience for a vengeful, downvoting bitch like yourself.
then I'll downvote all of your's... dick.
Haha ... Radical!
On on the site ?DOWNVOTE FACTS
True that!
Deadpool under Joe Kelly was great. Deadpool under Chris Priest... uhhh... sh*t. Still, this was decent...
Too small and no real punchline. Wow, MacGyver used his cunning intellect and resourcefulness to blow up people using only an Apache. Thats the real lol... not.