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?(nsfw) The internet is for porn (4.00) Longshot 2006-05-11
This is one of the first sites I saw on YTMND, and even though it's ripped off Avenue Q, I always show it to people when I introduce them to YTMND.
BigBob 2006-05-11
?Weird Al Sing-Along (Refresh) (4.26) hockeyham 2006-06-06
?The Funny Truth about the Toronto Church of Scie... (4.54) manish 2006-08-16
Have to 5 it, I was there.
BigBob 2006-08-16
?Never Gonna Keep Homer Down (4.02) Vyse24 2006-08-16
?You will remember tonight. (3.87) TheOminousThey 2006-09-08
so awesomely true.
BigBob 2006-09-08
?House Has NO Class (4.36) Krochy 2006-09-21