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?Epic Riker Maneuver (4.18) Anelf3 2006-06-22
Random, hilarious. The "Epic!" meme does seem better when the music overstates the action... like here.
BlueNight 2006-06-22
?Harry Potter & The Hero's Journey&#4... (4.25) daniyelgarcia 2006-06-22
I know about five Harry Potter fans I must show this to!
BlueNight 2006-06-22
?Lol, Subway (original one at description) (4.27) Siegmund 2006-06-22
Tremendous! 5'd and FAV'd
BlueNight 2006-06-22
?Eon8 time reaches 0!!! Eon8 UNLEASHED!!! (4.03) LupinTheThird 2006-06-30
E... on... 8! I hope it doesn't crush the internets, lol. I hope it is exactly like this. I hope there is just an E on an 8 and nothing else.
BlueNight 2006-06-30
?Medieval Tapestry had one weakness (4.22) AreZee 2006-06-30
BlueNight 2006-06-30
?ROFL @ EASTER (3.17) xdyinghopezx 2006-07-07
Oh my gosh! That is the scariest thing I've seen in a while. The sound is perfect!
BlueNight 2006-07-07
?Interactive Cursor Paradise! (4.36) State-of-mind 2006-07-07
I spent some time playing ball, went swimming, got a tan, and made love in the cove. This is the best MUCK ever!
BlueNight 2006-07-07
?Oh those clumsy stick-men... (4.23) cambot 2006-07-14
A perfect example of a perfect YTMND.
BlueNight 2006-07-14
?Epic Furry Maneuver (4.04) Kattywampus 2006-07-25
Though most Epic sites feature screw-ups, or less-than-epic maneuvers, this fits because it truly is Epic. That's got to be royally tough, and I'm amazed the head didn't come off. He'll need a LOT of Fabreeze.
BlueNight 2006-07-25
?The Moon doesnt change its facial expression! (4.21) Infurnus 2006-07-25
Absolutely awesome.
BlueNight 2006-07-25
?Agent Smith wants ice cream (4.38) agentanderson 2006-08-17
Absolutely tremendous. The song makes this site.
BlueNight 2006-08-17
?It's Now: The Gypsies Are Havin A Good Ti... (4.13) Father-McKenzie 2006-08-28
I also expected Tiny Tim's Wonderful Time. I was also pleasantly surprised.
BlueNight 2006-08-28
?O RLY Government Infliltration (4.26) sr1200 2006-08-28
my dog is barking at me and her breath smells like where she licked herself.
BlueNight 2006-08-28
?Lost Ark's true contents (4.57) Ginsain 2006-08-28
THAT, my friends, IS A WIN.
BlueNight 2006-08-28
?*~A Tiny Glimpse~* (4.66) smoothmedia 2006-09-23
This is a perfect YTMND. It makes the jaw drop, and has perfect sound for the picture. It also is sciencey. 5'd and fav'd.
BlueNight 2006-09-23
?Conan stops downvoter (4.63) Atomsk88 2006-09-23
YES! YES! YES! Hahaha! (actually my verbal reaction to this site.) 5'd and fav'd. THAT'S how to deal with downvoters.
BlueNight 2006-09-23
?PTKFGS: Close Call for Irwin (4.19) KaruTakahashi 2006-09-23
In some quantum theories, parallel universes exist. Perhaps ours is the only universe in which he died...
BlueNight 2006-09-23
?Jesus noooooo! (4.34) thegaypope 2006-09-30
That is SO wrong... on so many levels. Yet I find myself 5'ing and fav'ing it...
BlueNight 2006-09-30
?Pale Blue Dot (an atheist's view - tiny update) (4.09) Lave 2006-09-30
If I said "transdimensional extra-chronal sentient entity of infinite power and intelligence, with a moral agenda" people wouldn't blink. I say "God" and people freak out. I say "cultural and physical entropy" instead of "sin" and people nod their head. It's like they assume I'm nutty if I use "God-words" instead of "science-words"...
BlueNight 2006-09-30
?STAR WARS: Alternate Hairstyles (4.40) AskAak 2006-11-10
This was freakin' incredible! I loved it!
BlueNight 2006-11-10
?Star Wars People Need Parachutes (4.26) JustinWhite 2006-11-10
This actually had me laughing out loud; rare. Faved.
BlueNight 2006-11-10
?Robo Cop Malfunction (4.19) nameo 2006-11-17
Not only did I five and fav this, I added it to my IE6 bookmarks.
BlueNight 2006-11-17
?Lion King at my House (4.18) benjaphar 2006-11-18
5'd and fav'd. I'd like to see more such audio replacements; perhaps Vader (NOT NOOOO!!!)
BlueNight 2006-11-18
?PowerPoint: Death Star Attack (4.67) AskAak 2006-12-11
?Bust a cap fo` Kwanzaa (3.81) fakie46 2006-12-13
BlueNight 2006-12-13
?JFK's assassin well could have been.... (3.29) Sklurch 2006-12-13
One of the many hidden gems on YTMND. 5'd and fav'd
BlueNight 2006-12-13
?Look at that horse! (3.85) huntz0r 2007-02-13
At first, I thought, huntz0r took another sound clip and made the guy sound stupid. But then, you proved me wrong. Good job, sir!
BlueNight 2007-02-13
?Weird Al Hates Downvoters (4.07) Zafa 2007-03-08
?300TMND The Persian's Fate... (4.53) mashedpotatojones 2007-03-11
Fav'd and 5'd.
BlueNight 2007-03-11
?And I Feel Like A Disco Phone In A Field (4.11) sammich22 2007-03-31
?Schrödinger Explains YTMND: A Quantum N... (4.54) titanium-gecko 2007-03-31
?SHOCKING CATS (4.65) echo24 2007-04-08
5'd and fav'd.
BlueNight 2007-04-08
?david hasselhoff loves gary coleman (3.74) yavo86 2007-04-11
I've seen this on some fansite somewhere. There's a companion photo...
BlueNight 2007-04-11
?(nsfw) Japanese School Girls OBEY (3.20) silenoz 2007-04-29
?Bush Prepares to Fight Ganon (4.58) NorthAmericanDangerD 2007-04-29
5'd and fav'd for being frikkin' awesome! And the sound rip was tremendous. Was that emulated, captured from a real SNES console, or recorded from the GBA edition?
BlueNight 2007-04-29
?Oprah v. Carell re: the greatest thing in life (3.99) DonaldMcRonald 2007-07-07
Moar of these pleez
BlueNight 2007-07-07
?Rocket Corgis (4.07) Scoundrel 2007-08-31
I could watch this ALL DAY and still be smiling.
BlueNight 2007-08-31
?Can't break Eastwoods stride (4.60) fearcondom 2007-10-14
This is so freakin' awesome! Those loops are things of beauty!
BlueNight 2007-10-14
?Byrd for Pokemon Rights (4.66) fearcondom 2007-10-14
Y'know what? I've got to fave this site. It's the cream of the crop.
BlueNight 2007-10-14
?Snape Can Dance If He Wants To! (4.09) DemeterData 2007-10-14
Wow. This is incredible. Even though the title gave it awat, I still lol'd.
BlueNight 2007-10-14
?Count the mistakes (3.62) prairiedogeric10 2007-10-20
This took me five seconds, and I was grinning from ear to ear.
BlueNight 2007-10-20
?You Betrayed the Lawlawlawlawlawlawlawlaw doo... (4.26) Fleeflicker 2007-11-02
?Shatner's Ruins Picture Day *firefox sync* (4.00) VIsraWratS 2007-11-09
This is awesome and deserving of a 5 and a fav.
BlueNight 2007-11-09
?...and you shall have Gimli's- (4.17) KrakaKirby 2007-11-09
This deserves a 5 and fav. Amazingly enough, I had already 5'd it once before, but I don't remember the site!
BlueNight 2007-11-09
?Episode VI Unreleased Ending (4.43) Daveo 2007-11-24
?LeVar Burton plugs Reading Rainbow (4.39) tkx7 2007-11-29
?Lando is too fast on his blades (4.16) BoobonChron 2007-11-29
?Dancing Balls (It's Happening Now!) (4.35) BoredJedi 2007-12-02
?Love. (3.40) lolufag 2007-12-02
?stewie porn groove (4.00) aped 2007-12-05
?Cowboys Will Walk 500 Miles (3.93) ubahd00d 2007-12-06
?Falcor Ruins the Suspense (4.15) ziptal 2007-12-28
?Cloverfield - Hidden Message (3.89) tyrsenus 2008-01-21
?Oh man, oh God, oh man, oh God, oh man, oh Go... (4.11) bobotheking 2008-03-01
?Obi-Wan also hates Scrubs. Who knew? (3.50) vidkidjoe 2008-03-01
?Say cheese! (3.36) Mustashi 2008-03-01
?(nsfw) The most urgentest message (4.17) everblink5 2008-04-01
?a Starry Night on YTMND (4.13) everblink5 2008-04-01
?Marsha Loses Her Head (4.57) chronster 2008-04-12
?(nsfw) Empire Strikes Back: Original Ending (4.60) Phernoree 2008-07-17
?Don Lafontaine: Safety Not Guaranteed (4.67) Blackadders2 2008-09-02
?Chewbacca Printer (updated) (4.27) kachoochoo 2008-09-06
?Hard Safety - New Trailer! (4.77) TonyOrlando 2008-09-06
?Trying to enjoy what's left of a nice day (4.56) easycougar 2008-09-16
?Khan's Funeral (4.24) ThisAltMakesCrapSite 2009-01-25
?Does The Wizard Look Like A Bitch? (4.59) money-hat 2009-01-25
?Stephen Hawking's Time Machine (4.76) ThisAltMakesCrapSite 2009-01-25
?Epic Lifesaving Maneuver (4.09) zentiger 2009-01-27
?What is 88 mph? (4.29) ewingsquadron 2009-06-25
?holy crap, a bridge! (4.01) thepizzaboy 2009-07-15