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?Down With The Cosbyness (3.79) SirLemming 2006-05-10
Hahaha, I can't get enough of that "ah ah ah", Well done!
DualGlock 2006-05-10
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-05-13
Fucking bril!!!
DualGlock 2006-05-13
?What is Cosby?! (4.17) Danz0r 2006-05-15
The COS! Poke Poke Poke Pokey mon mon mon, poke poke pokeymon.
DualGlock 2006-05-15
?Cosby Samba (3.67) Kassius 2006-05-19
Awesome Kassius audio... Made me dance in a homosexaul maner...
DualGlock 2006-05-19
?I Invite You to Bite Me (4.33) gunhaver 2006-09-28
DualGlock 2006-09-28
?(nsfw) My Sprinkler Spews Racial Slurs (3.91) Master-Kim 2006-11-02
?SIGN FELLED™ Klassix™ Memoriez&tra... (4.03) MurdarMachene 2007-01-30
Farting lol
DualGlock 2007-01-30