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?Ted Stevens: uh duh you buh ga che! (4.15) Kerdek 2006-10-04
Thi- go- fa- wha- awe- gre- fav'd.
EcnivTR 2006-10-04
?The Texas Chainsaw TTS (4.12) OreoForius 2006-10-15
Fucking hilarious.
EcnivTR 2006-10-15
?I know how to get Twilight Princess!! (3.91) masaharumorimoto 2006-11-21
Majora's Mask reference ftw.
EcnivTR 2006-11-21
?(nsfw) The FUTURE of Robotics (4.06) ALMusic 2006-12-13
Not sure why, but this just made me crack up like nothing else.
EcnivTR 2006-12-13