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June 5th, 2018
On on the site ?You Betrayed My Bike!
That fade out law law law back to the loopback ha ha amazing
March 20th, 2015
everyones )>_>) face was priceless lol
May 20th, 2014
That's where your wrong Logan...we all are gonna wanna watch this part :D
May 20th, 2014
I dunno whats funnier the site or the epic description.
January 9th, 2014
Oh im gonna wannawatchdatpart :D
January 9th, 2014
My God...I needed this XD
January 9th, 2014
thank you..i needed that :'p
January 9th, 2014
On on the site ?R.I.P. Uncle Phil
Uncle Phil/Shredder was the man. Thanks for all the laughs and memories... :( man. It never hit me until now. All my childhood memories are slowly fading away. Randy Savage dies the day after my birthday and now Uncle Phil is gone to start the new year?! :( Now a good sign for my 2014 at all.
November 26th, 2013
On on the site ?al-street boys
It took 20 mins for it to dawn on me that I was listening to this nonstop for the whole time. LOVE IT
October 28th, 2013
these never get old XD
October 28th, 2013
On on the site ?IT'S ME AUSTIN!
Ah Sonovabitch!
May 1st, 2013
On on the site ?ytmnd dance party
God I would so be the guy in blue. I dance like im broken :(
March 9th, 2013
:l awesome manager and writer. that sucks
February 4th, 2013
On on the site ?betraying the law
Do you think he betrayed the law?
January 24th, 2013
On on the site ?dontcallitacomeback
Nicely done wow!
September 27th, 2012
On on the site ?AGRBMBCDSS
Ahhh Yea!
September 27th, 2012
On on the site ?church hahaz
LOL whats sup with the dead fat old woman next to the preacher? XD
September 27th, 2012
I lol'd until i almost threw up XD the IM GOING TO KILL THIS KID part got me hard.
September 27th, 2012
On on the site ?Whitehouse Rangers
I lol'ed so hard and that's hard to make me do in this day in age. Great job!
May 10th, 2012
On on the site ?what is a car?
its catchy XD
May 6th, 2012
He should of been in the Avengers
May 6th, 2012
Y,,,,Yea...something like that lol
May 6th, 2012
lol Randy will last forever not Hulkamania XD
May 6th, 2012
Greatest site of all time
April 3rd, 2012
Yea....something like that.
March 30th, 2012
the crazy one eyed snake man speaks the truth!
March 22nd, 2012
On on the site ?Suck Paradox, Kid
Greatest scream ever! XD
March 22nd, 2012
LOL Yea......
March 22nd, 2012
On on the site ?Howard Dean Zaza
Seeing this now...he SHOULD OF BEEN PREZ :/
March 22nd, 2012
On on the site ?Superman hates Fred
THIS is whats wrong with our country when a stupid fuck like this kid gets PAID MILLIONS to do shit like this!?!......................i dont want to live on this planet anymore.