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April 23rd, 2014
I once met Patrick Stewart. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'You need not go to Japan.'
April 23rd, 2014
you did it!
April 23rd, 2014
this is ROUND 4! the deadline is May 7th SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH
April 22nd, 2014
Jurassic/Paul '08
April 22nd, 2014
more specifically the season 4 intro
April 22nd, 2014
hugh-bet [i]your ass[/i] itwas
April 22nd, 2014
♫ no sites below us -- above us only 5's ♫
April 22nd, 2014
Reply to Guess' comment on the site ?TCBCRPhone
that wasn't very nice
April 22nd, 2014
On on the site ?JunkieJoe™
Ben & Jerry's Chunky Joe Ice Cream
April 19th, 2014
because moderator oversight
April 19th, 2014
so, as demonstrated in this site. if max puts all of his money into cadbury creme filled egghs, then ytmnd will sghaskghasdjghasjgasgjlasjgkasgjsagaslgsd
April 13th, 2014
oh, it's on. IT IS SO FUCKING ON. you're gonna regret saying that after I hold you upside down and finger your butt. After awhile it'll start to hurt a little. And then you'll probably be bored, but guess what? You can't go home LUNCH MEATS. cuz I'll still be fingering your butt.
April 13th, 2014
oh yeah murrrr furrrker? imma put on my michael jackson gloves and slap you around like a turkey. and not like a whole turkey, more like oscar mayer pre-cut lunchmeat turkey. cuz that's all you be is to me dog. PRE-CUT LUNCH MEATS.
April 12th, 2014
On on the site ?top viewed for a week
i gotta take a shaaat
April 10th, 2014
On on the site ?Sky Slide
that's a guy who looks like peter frampton
April 10th, 2014
On on the site ?Hambone in the Jungle
welcome to the JUNGLE, we've got HAM AND EGGS
April 10th, 2014
The story so far:

I was hanging out in an abortion clinic looking for free candy when I noticed that some friendly looking women with signs were gathered outside. I approached them casually and asked if they had any free candy. None of them had any free candy, so I asked why they were outside to begin with. They stated their business and I came to the conclusion they were LEGIT. But after standing around in awkward silence for 5 minutes, I decided to ask, "If you're all Pro-Life then why do choosy moms choose Jif?"

These pack of cool cats turned wild and angry on me and started screaming about Jesus and peanut butter. Then one lady got carried away and stabbed me in the chest with her picket sign. I fell to the ground, WHAM! So there I was, stuck laying on my back in pain with a bloody chest gasping for air. The lady who stabbed me then pulled down her grey yogurt parfait stained sweatpants and squatted over me in the shitting position. I gazed upon her spread open cheeks which revealed a pulsating anus. All I could do was close my eyes and wait for what was to come.

That's when she put the boom boom into my heart.
April 10th, 2014
it takes time for the ham to be ready
April 9th, 2014
On on the site ?Space Cadet
they call themselves the guardians of the galaxy
April 5th, 2014
the dictionary? more like according to the [b][i]PICTIONARY![/i][/b] [spoil]it's a guessing game of words that uses drawings[/spoil]
April 4th, 2014
On on the site ?back to the fadture
stanley tucci 64
April 3rd, 2014
fart control
April 3rd, 2014
more like [b][i]INPURITY[/i][/b]. you fuck.
April 3rd, 2014
i had to make sure no one else made this site
March 30th, 2014
what are you, [b]THE SHIT POLICE[/b]?
March 25th, 2014
would you prefer Head Lettuce?
March 20th, 2014
T5: Oprah - The Deadline is Sundaes, feat. Kirk Douglas
March 13th, 2014
washer story, mark