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September 30th, 2015
till the break of steak
September 28th, 2015
September 27th, 2015
time for some [i]SEX[/i]
September 26th, 2015
stop being lazy, your country needs you.
September 26th, 2015
On on the site ?NO MORE BOOKS
[i]who does this guy think he is?[/i] [b]PINK FLOYD?[/b]
September 20th, 2015
[b]KC Masterpiece®[/b]
September 19th, 2015
September 18th, 2015
[i]'pass the syrup'[/i]
September 17th, 2015
fucking sink. I can't work in these conditions.
September 17th, 2015
now you know why nothing ever quite tastes as good as grandmas cooking. the secret is in the sauce.
September 16th, 2015
with the OHHPy and the MAN, and he puts weights on top of the thing
September 12th, 2015
On on the site ?SMuT WTFS? (Saturday)
I'm still cleaning the butter out of my ass from posting all of this garbage. I only used a stick of butter, why is there so much in my ass? I hope all of you had really good ass butter this week. And hopefully it will wash out in the shower better than my ass butter has. And if you didn't enjoy this week then you don't get any ass butter, and I hope you get rear ended at a stoplight, and that you go flying 100 yards through your windshield because you forgot to wear your seat-belt, and that the pavement sandpapers your flesh off as you belly slide straight-on into a fucking guardrail. Head first, deepthroat that metal. Sorry, I didn't mean that. It's just all of this ass butter is making my chair all gooby. I'm worried my neighbors are watching.
September 11th, 2015
On on the site ?SMuT WTFS? (Friday)
WE DID IT! lololololol. Only one day left to go on this stupid bullshit.
September 8th, 2015
On on the site ?Good New YTMND
another bill cosby rape victim
September 6th, 2015
you don't understand what you're saying
September 5th, 2015
On on the site ?Love Lazer
junior mints
September 5th, 2015
On on the site ?MICROPHONETMND: Alive
Eddie Vedder with cheese
September 4th, 2015
Only takes a minute [spoil]to rejuvenate your razors[/spoil]
September 2nd, 2015
and then you ass fucked it. now all it can do is bury its head in the carpet and cry
August 23rd, 2015
Tax Evasion!
August 23rd, 2015
stop judging my family, kay butt? looks like you don't know how to answer the PHONE!
August 20th, 2015
Grilled Fish Yakuza? That's some [b][i]Tangy Beach[/i][/b]
August 20th, 2015
It's the same episode where Danny Trejo guest starred as Professional Bathtub Man. Anytime a conversation began getting a little to intimate, Trejo would pop up from around a corner and say, 'Hey, I can't find the shampoo!' *cue laugh track*
August 19th, 2015
let's move this into the conference room so we can have some [spoil]SNACKS[/spoil]
August 19th, 2015
[spoil]I lied. we're going to Michigan's Adventure because A: I hate my wife and kids. and B: I like spending lots of money to have a terrible time. Why are we so poor when there's so much furniture in the house?[/spoil]