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On on the site ?missy@gmail.com
September 8th, 2009
2 guys f*cking contains less f*ggotry than this lame *ss ytmnd.
September 7th, 2009
On on the site ?Frodo jumps on it
Brilliant, and worthy of top viewed in the ytmnd of old.
Horribly poor image for such a great sound sync. That is if you made it.
On on the site ?12:34:56 7/8/9
Long time to wait for this one huh.
On on the site ?Billy Mays Here
Pure sh*t.
On on the site ?Mournwalk
-2 for just 'Khan' instead of 'Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!'
This sorry sack of sh*t seriously needs to be Teens4Christed.
Nope, not hard at all.
On on the site ?Top Gun is Sad
So is this ytmnd.
On on the site ?Insurance fraud bust
Wow missed a great one.
Unique but thats about it.
On on the site ?Geordi Meter
Nice. Best Ive seen at Number 1 in a few weeks.
F*ck the Yankees and pandering to sports forums for votes.
On on the site ?Ultimate Minigame
A 3 without the music.
Not funny enough to make up for its lack of class.
On on the site ?Watchmen you see my
As a Wire fan, this is amazing.
I'm not much for NASCAR either but can't help but 5 a car ytmnd.
Only thing sadder than this site is the fact it made top viewed.
On on the site ?>:)
On on the site ?Shaq Ball
Horrible yet stupidly f*cking hilarious at the same time.
On on the site ?NES-sage in a Bottle
Not amusing.