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February 10th, 2017
On on the site ?Handjob Burg
I just creamed on your arms tonight~♪
November 7th, 2016
Gene's Crotch AC has increased by 4.
October 1st, 2016
October 1st, 2016
On on the site ?Miracle Piano™
It's a miracle if I can get this thing to work.
September 30th, 2016
Uh... English motherfucker, do you speak it? Maybe Trump -should- get elected and build that way, if you catch my drift...
September 29th, 2016
On on the site ?crushing head
My fuck, I was hoping it would involve what it does. I literally had 'I Love Beijing Tienanmen' in its Hong Kong 97 loop when I saw the preview image. XD
September 29th, 2016
Wow. That is in bad taste... as is a huge chunk of YTMND in general. O_o
September 29th, 2016
On on the site ?MMPR theme song
-1 for this song being in a bazillion YTMND MMPR sites, +4 for Power Rangers.
September 29th, 2016
On on the site ?Bernie Feels Left Out
If Bernie hadn't been backstabbed by Hillary, I'd have voted for him hands-down.
...Trump still sucks more chocolate starfish that Clinton tho
September 19th, 2016
Best malware ever.
September 19th, 2016
I don't think he was looking at her 'notes'... =P
September 14th, 2016
On on the site ?Fallout Stephanie
That's one hell of an edit.
September 14th, 2016
On on the site ?Excitebike IRL
A new fad? And a cool one at that? I'm game. :3
July 30th, 2016
A funny YTMND in this day and age? There might be hope for the site yet...
April 6th, 2015
On on the site ?Shadowrun Rules
Whether the video games or the original tabletop game, Shadowrun is my favorite urban fantasy game.
September 7th, 2014
September 7th, 2014
Homophobic Zordon running~
September 7th, 2014
September 7th, 2014
Thievin' fagtard.
September 29th, 2013
September 29th, 2013
On on the site ?spookying intensifies
September 29th, 2013
Relax! Don't do it! When you wanna go too it!
September 25th, 2013
That tarsier is scarred for life.
March 2nd, 2013
Okay. You had me at the mentioning of Beastman vs. Skeletor.
December 4th, 2012
You'll take what I give you and like it.
Okkkay, this was actually pretty good.
On on the site ?NO NO POWER RANGERS
Thank goodness it's not Hentai Woody.
April 18th, 2012
An eargasm mixed wit eye candy... what CAN'T the PS3 do?