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May 17th, 2010
On on the site ?Azumanga Technologic
1'd for anime, go back to 4chan btard
September 28th, 2008
On on the site ?-
daft punk blows
August 30th, 2008
This site is clearly not for you.
August 17th, 2008
July 15th, 2008
all my 5 are belong to this
July 14th, 2008
On on the site ?PS3 just got pwned
Actually not putting a sh*tty game on the PS3 is the best possible scenario for it.
June 24th, 2008
On on the site ?NARUTO GIFF
June 24th, 2008
On on the site ?Haruhi suzumya
I only wish that I could give you a negative amount of stars.
May 12th, 2008
On on the site ?another azumanga rave
This is original, and creative.
April 28th, 2008
On on the site ?The Phillie Phanatic
Even if god did like baseball, I doubt he'd cheer on the most worthless team in history. Thus, this site must be considered blasphemy.
April 25th, 2008
On on the site ?DIVE DIVE DIVE
I succeed the internet, you win sir.
March 31st, 2008
Lincoln is outrageous..... truly truly truly outrageous.
March 27th, 2008
This is rather discouraging, it appears that all of you are such total emo shut ins that you find it impossible that people might associate with one another. It makes me wonder what it must feel like to be that lonely, so lonely in fact that you sought this page out even after it had left the front page to flame us.
March 26th, 2008
First of all, simply coming on here and calling someone gay for the hundredth time is about the only form of insult you've been able to come up with. Of course, someone as shallow as you probably doesn't have the required attributes to come up with anything else. Secondly, all you did was first call me out, and then automatically declare yourself the winner. Did I miss something? Because thats about the most childish thing thats been done this entire time.
March 26th, 2008
So at what stage did bob suddenly converse with Tom Brady about attack Strategy? Walking off the field before the games over doesn't mean you won.... It means you simply lack the resolve to continue and thus show your true nature by walking away like a 5 year old who just got his lunch money stolen.
March 26th, 2008
Once again despite your assertion that it is a complete and total waste of time to argue with people over the internet you return and continue to do so for a third time. And as we continue through your journey of misspellings and grammatical errors we find that you've decided to make an attempt at taking my cohorts ending sentence and use it against him which has failed miserably.
March 25th, 2008
I love how despite bobs claim that I don't have a life, he too continues to browse my comments page and flame out of control. Not only that, he needed to add to it.
March 25th, 2008
I also would like to know why it's honestly that hard to grasp the concept that theres 2 of us. Yeah, two as in I'm not groundcontrol. Id try and master that trivia tidbit before you move on to the hard stuff.
March 25th, 2008
Look, I never said I wasn't a TOTAL *SSH*LE. I just didn't feel it was nice that you decided to make assumptions about how I act based a few random tidbits from my writings. In fact if you've notice the only people on the receiving end of my scathing retorts attacked first. I didn't just go around to every single comment and start replying with insults and ravishing diction. No, i didn't. Maybe if you weren't such a douche to begin with I wouldn't have to reply in the same fashion.
March 25th, 2008
I don't exactly what I find more hilarious about widumcube's comments, the fact that he claims he would have voted 3 or better yet the assumptions he makes about my person. Clearly wisdumcube with his degree in psychology knows everything about me simply by reading a few comments I post in response to people bashing my site. Arrogant you say? Well at least I'm not being a hypocrite about it. Wish I could say the same for you.
March 25th, 2008
March 25th, 2008
Awwww, Ender thats a disappointing retort. Surely you could have come up with one better than that. I mean honestly that was mediocre at best.
March 25th, 2008
Yes, ban me for collaborating with a freind to make a site and introduce him to YTMND. How dare I bring diversity to this site.
March 25th, 2008
I dont know where you people get this multi account bullsh*t from... its two different people on two different networks, one account per person. Thank you for your time, have a nice day.
March 25th, 2008
"Dicksucking brown-noser" Sounds like an average night on the town for you.
March 25th, 2008
Thank you sir, for your honesty.
March 25th, 2008
On on the site ?A Very Brady Catch
A very TOM brady catch maybe.....
March 25th, 2008
I heard Al Capone had the lucky charms on lockdown in chicago.
March 25th, 2008
When they said YTMND, they ment you.
March 25th, 2008
Your appreciation is most appreciated.