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?RUN! GET TO THE CHOPPER! (4.18) MELEEX 2006-11-03
OMG! rofl we say this all the time at on my desktop you sir are FAV!!!
MatthewDaFag 2006-11-03
?Ash breaks it down into simpler terms... (3.96) Duck-and-Cover 2006-12-15
Like Holy Sh*t, Evil Dead whos got a Brisco County Jr. ytmnd? hmm. that will 5va Fav'ed also!!!!
MatthewDaFag 2006-12-15
?FOX cancels Brisco County Jr (3.99) ottervomit 2006-12-15
Yes KNEW IT!!! 5va Fav'ed!!! Thank you lords of ytmnd!
MatthewDaFag 2006-12-15
?bruce campbell is brisco county, jr. (3.66) camanay 2006-12-15
Yes it is bruce Campbell is the sh*t. all his shows rock and his movies. =) Oh btw 5va Fav'ed!!!
MatthewDaFag 2006-12-15
?how to kick ass (3.00) GraThom 2006-12-18
Yes! YES! A-Team FTW! man i remember so much of the show growing up back then. and still love it today ^_^ just need a good big screen movie now =(
MatthewDaFag 2006-12-18
?Real Life Goldeneye 64. (4.59) ChenBaiwan 2006-12-21
Woot! i remember that....eww the library level..where you have to escape LOL i used that door so much ^_^ thank you 5'va Fav'ed!!!
MatthewDaFag 2006-12-21
?Vader's Other Emperor (4.30) greenbanana 2006-12-24
LMAO! Maaannn sealab rulez and so did starwars. combined. undefeated!!! i love it ^_^
MatthewDaFag 2006-12-24
?(nsfw) Brad Pitt is such a card (4.40) Phthalogreen 2007-01-24
?A Close Encounter (4.59) Improviser 2007-02-04
Yes sir *nods* i approve =D i hate cat on a keyboard...but i love close encounters!!!! and you did it perfect =D congrats :)
MatthewDaFag 2007-02-04
?Bauer Interrogates the Mooninites (4.56) agtmacgyver 2007-02-05
LMAO!!!! this rulez! :)
MatthewDaFag 2007-02-05