Michaeru's favorites:

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?Eric Bauman lets Alan explain (4.50) phaseblue 2006-06-26
Most excellent explanation.
Michaeru 2006-06-26
?NEDM Guitar (4.38) awesomezilla 2006-07-03
Awesome NEDM remix.
Michaeru 2006-07-03
?MOM. MOM! >>>> Lex Luthor (4.21) TheWhiteRider 2006-07-08
It's not from Syncan but it's still perfect!
Michaeru 2006-07-08
?Kim Jong-il's Missile Misfires (4.00) Kayne 2006-07-08
How I learned to love the No-Dong.
Michaeru 2006-07-08
?Gordon Freeman is having a wonderful time (3.95) mongoose 2006-07-09
The First Person variant of the G-Man fad.
Michaeru 2006-07-09
?This is not Y T M N D (4.50) nutnics 2006-07-21
A beautiful piece of YTMND art.
Michaeru 2006-07-21
?Top 20 reused identical images (4.24) ollj 2006-07-26
The most popular images of all time!
Michaeru 2006-07-26
?Han knows the code (Updated) (4.64) V1L3 2006-08-13
1st version: rox 2nd version: epic rox
Michaeru 2006-08-13
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-11-08
Michaeru 2006-11-08