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October 26th, 2016
I posted it a year before you commented, so it WAS still funny then. Good job.
June 22nd, 2009
This is f*cking hilarious!
July 15th, 2006
"Fight", by Ron Wasserman/The Mighty RAW
January 12th, 2006
I logged in just to 5 this.
December 13th, 2005
On on the site ?Mike Jones Is Emo
That kicked ass.
December 2nd, 2005
On on the site ?Megaman is Jesus
It's so wrong that it's so right. Hilarious...Oh god, I'm so burning in hell for this one. 5'D
December 2nd, 2005
On on the site ?FFVII ON PS3???
I resent my past statements. I no longer see FF7 in it's former glory. I want it to die. Wild Arms is my new godly RPG.
November 24th, 2005
Fanboys got OWNED.
November 19th, 2005
No I didn't, silly. Mine is longer, has better music, AND was made before yours. You phail. And just to be nice, i'll give you a three.
September 28th, 2005
Not really insane, his 'past' selfs gave him the peices to his new morpher or something, but first he had to fight them off. It's really a nice episode, along with Forever Red. These are the only two I can even stand to watch of the new rangers. Mostly
September 6th, 2005
On on the site ?
September 5th, 2005
On on the site ?Doggy style?
September 5th, 2005
As much as I hate Bush, I hate Kerry even more.
September 4th, 2005
September 4th, 2005
of power rangers. I'm surpised many people don't know it's been on so long. Since 1993/4 >_>; Damn long time. But it's been in japan even longer.
September 4th, 2005
It'ss from Power Rangers Dino Thunger. See the guys head in the corner? That's grown up tommy. He's facing his past so he can become the new Black Dinothunder Ranger. And tommy was the red ranger in Zeo. So yeah. There has been 13 seasons of power rang
September 4th, 2005
Tragiclly Hip for teh win.
September 4th, 2005
September 4th, 2005
xXGo0mBaXx needs to get off the internet and go suck his dad's cock. =D
September 4th, 2005
On on the site ?xXGo0mBaXx Sucks
Lol the internets is fer adultz
September 3rd, 2005
On on the site ?Go Fight MagiRanger!
Indeed. I wonder how bad it's gonna be when they tranfer it here to the us. =/ I can see it now.
September 3rd, 2005
xD Jack is great.
September 2nd, 2005
On on the site ?(nsfw) Strokin'
All you dumb f*ckers who downvote this should f*cking drown in NO. =/ This is f*cking hilarious. If people die, it's their fault. They could have gone to the superdome atleast. But nooooo. They stayed in their homes like f*cking idiots.
September 1st, 2005
On on the site ?Dinozord Power!
5'd. I love this. Not many people knwo that back then, and still today, all footage megazord and power rangers wise is taken from japan's super sentai shows. >_> Weird how they managaed to make the first 3 seasons of power rangers the same dman thing wh
September 1st, 2005
On on the site ?Target.com is Racist!
Yes. MSI pwnz all you little midgets. >_>; Even if they covered a Method/Redman song.
August 18th, 2005
Nice try but you phail .The White Ranger was Jason David Frank. You phail.
August 13th, 2005
On on the site ?Kata METROID Damacy
Ah, the love that it Katamari Damacy.
August 11th, 2005
On on the site ?ICO Tribute 2 of 4
I never got why ICO was considered to be so great. Maybe I should buy the game. >_> If I can find it for less than 10 bucks. 5 for pretty music.
August 9th, 2005
http://sdhatesjews.ytmnd.com/ typo'd lol