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?The wrong way to pull off a bandaid (4.41) Kayne 2006-09-23
?Bust a nut! (4.40) texasdeathtrip 2006-09-23
mwahahaha! I'm laughing ilke a f*cking retard because of you!
Misterp666 2006-09-23
?Put the Lotion Around the World! (4.24) Blackpipe 2006-09-23
?(nsfw) Interjections! (School House Rock) (4.56) smoothmedia 2006-10-03
Misterp666 2006-10-03
?(nsfw) Fudge'ems (4.37) RawNuts 2006-10-06
OH SNAP! man that was funny as hell!
Misterp666 2006-10-06
?Batman: ualuealuealeuale - The Early Years (4.20) DZK 2006-10-21
i need new pants!
Misterp666 2006-10-21
?YTMND vs. Sega (4.67) DZK 2007-01-14
Sega went down WORSE then ATARI did... The Dreamcast was nice and some arcade games were kick ass but i'ts not enough to stay in competition. Bottom line: If money hungry whores attack sites like YTMND,they need some therapy!
Misterp666 2007-01-14
?Gizmo Got Da Flo' (4.50) syncan 2007-04-19
Misterp666 2007-04-19
?McDONALDS OWNED! (3.68) climbatiz 2007-06-10
Misterp666 2007-06-10
?A Gamer's Philosophy (3.17) Pappaman 2007-06-30
?Sweet Jump (4.30) greenbanana 2007-06-30
Misterp666 2007-06-30
?Neo Geo CD Wiki (3.09) MkidTrigun 2007-07-02
oh shnap!
Misterp666 2007-07-02
?Buddy, You're an Old Man (4.63) Necronomicon 2007-08-27
DAMN! that win hits like a kick in the nuts!
Misterp666 2007-08-27