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July 11th, 2018
Suzanne Vega turned 59 the day I made this comment!

and this is the last time I will be logging on, unless something serious compels me to log on again!

and this is my last comment ever on YTMND

so, happy 59th birthday to the singer/songwriter that made OVER 9000 audio assets possible on YTMND. Mother of the MP3 needs her respect!
On on the site ?nintend0wn glitch
how can users get away with uploading MP3 files to YTMND without respecting key players in the development of audio technology?
On on the site ?Major Tom
nothing funnier than uploading a sample of Major Tom to YTMND using a file format that was developed using a sample of the song Tom's Diner.
just like the old tired feeling people get when aging, we are talking about KEY PLAYERS in the development of audio technology whom were born before the Apple II computer first came to the market, and that was many years before MP3 or even WAV files came to the scene.

Suzanne Vega is a singer/songwriter, and "mother of the MP3", her song "Tom's Diner" was used to aid development of the MP3 file format.

born on July 11, or 7/11

7 x 11 = 77, just like the year 1977, the year the Apple II first came to the market, the year that Three's Company debuted on TV, the year that Saturday Night Fever came to theaters.

and 7 Eleven is the name of a convenience store, founded by the Thompson Brothers, if that's the homage the song Tom's Diner tries to convey, and MP3 players were meant to be a convent solution to hearing music.
one way to put it, they KEY PLAYERS in audio technology are there to pick your Locke, get it?????????????????

your Locke hides away the documents that plot against those who brought MP3 files and computer audio sound cards to fruition.

if you don't get that joke, then your hearing really is infected with rusty nails,
one day, you're gonna regret your DISHONOR to they KEY PLAYERS in the development of audio technology!
I find it so sad that lots of users on YTMND who wish for good users to be banned (or have accounts deleted) don't even have much respect for the KEY PLAYERS in the development of audio technology.

here's a list of KEY PLAYERS in the development of audio technology:

Ray Dolby

Tom Dolby , Ray's son

Thomas Dolby, not the same as Ray's son, but he blinded us with science

Suzanne Vega, singer/songwriter, mother of the MP3

Karlheinz Branderburg, developed the MP3 file format using the sample of Vega's song Tom's Diner

Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple

George Lucas, founder of Lucasfilm, and partially responsible for developing THX

Amar Bose (founder of Bose)....

and what do ya know, I read this Wikipedia article...

and I see that Bose's founder Amar Bose died one day after Suzanne Vega's 54th birthday! who knew so many coincidences would occur, 1977 was not only the year that Three's Company debuted on TV, but the same year that Saturday Night Fever was first shown in Theaters. And Studio 54 was the famous club that Disco music was known to be played in during the 1970s. July 11th was Vega's birthday, and 7 x 11 = 77, 1977, the year I'm talking about. And well, if Amar Bose were to live longer in 2013, he would have been 84 years old that year, and 1984 was a big year for events too, the Macintosh, Three's Company ends it's run, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Prince's Purple Rain.

Another interesting thing about 1977, the year that the first Star Wars movie got released, produced by George Lucas, the founder of THX,

his name is George Luka, he lives on the second floor!
On on the site ?SILENTMND:
every site of yours will become a SILENTMND if you hesitate to apologize for your insults to KEY PLAYERS in the development of audio technology!

besides, if you had to choose between apologizing for you insults to me, or editing every site of yours to have NO SOUND, what would you choose? so you better reconsider your grudge before max suddenly cuts off support for MP3 files as audio assets in YTMND sites!

here's a list of KEY PLAYERS in the development of audio technology that you need to show more RESPECT for:

Thomas Edison, inverter of the phonograph

Ray Dolby, founder of Dolby Labs

Tom Dolby Ray Dolby's son

Thomas Dolby, not the same as the above "Tom Dolby", or even related to Ray, but he blinded us with science

Suzanne Vega, singer/songwriter, MOTHER OF THE MP3, and the namesake for my now-deleted 2014 YTMND account, and FREE ENTERTAINMENT activist group

Karlheinz Branderburg, actual developer of the MP3 file format, used a sample of Vega's song to aid development

Steve Wozniak (founding member of Apple Computer, he did all the hard work to develop computers before others developed audio for them)

[user Tekken:profile] said that anybody who is against me doesn't deserve to be on YTMND in the first place!
April 26th, 2018
we need more good American Idol parodies!
April 26th, 2018
On on the site ?American Idol
what the fuck does this have to do with American Idol?
April 25th, 2018
April 23rd, 2018
Wesley Snipes should make a YTMND account of his own so he can upvote your sites!
April 21st, 2018
sometimes I refer to YTMND as Major Tom's Diner

here's a good reason why: because we upload alot of MP3 files to YTMND for audio in YTMND sites.

yup, Suzanne Vega was MOTHER OF THE MP3, although the song we are listening to is by David Bowie.

but I hope you find the phrase "major tom's diner" interesting too.
April 21st, 2018
well, you can always make one with c-wizzy or PSA Guy or Lex Luthor, or Picard, or any classic YTMND fad that appeals to you.

Major Tom seems to be all the rage on YTMND right now, and I just thought I'd cash in on the fad since Major Tom needs a ground control diner for MP3 files.
April 20th, 2018
April 20th, 2018
well, we got other sites to fit the slot of 2 or less days old (as of the day I made this comment) to appear on U&C anyway, so your response is an acceptable one.
April 19th, 2018
it would be advisable if you voted on this site just to make sure it goes into U&C.

IMO, YTMND's health depends on keeping U&C occupied with something in it, and I see this as a temporary fix until something else more exciting gets 5 or more votes.
April 18th, 2018
I watched Pirates Of Silicon Valley alot, and sometimes I feel like making movie references when I comment.
April 18th, 2018
or, Major Tom would still be stuck living in a tin can if it wasn't for my theory on why Thomas is the masculine version of the name Suzanne.
April 18th, 2018
and without all these stories, the name Suzanne would just be a tin box that lights up.
April 18th, 2018
and, here's another thing to make note of about all this:

2016 was a devastating year for Suzanne-related musician deaths from artists signed to Columbia Records:

David Bowie was the musician who started this Major Tom character canon with songs, and I described reasons why Thomas is the masculine version of the name Suzanne.

Prince died of drug overdose, and he was engaged to somebody named Susannah in 1984, the same year that Purple Rain and When Doves Cry was released.

Leonard Cohen died of old age, he had a song in 1984 called Hallelujah, his best known song besides Suzanne.

George Michael died of, I think, drug overdose too, his band Wham had a hit song in 1984 called Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. Another interesting thing about George Michael, is that he got arrested for gay bathroom sex several years before Larry Craig got arrested for a similar incident, and what do ya know, Larry Craig has the same initials as Leonard Cohen, and also had a lover named Suzanne.

well, I guess 1984 was a big year for all these Columbia Records artists who had hit songs in 1984, but David Bowie, for some reason fell under the "1984" radar.

but there is also this to make note of, Apple Computer was a key player in computer technology. The Apple II was first released in 1977, same year Three's Company debuted on TV, and the Macintosh was first introduced in 1984, same year Thee's Company ended it's run, and to top it all off, Steve Wozniak married somebody named Suzanne in 1990, the same year that the Macintosh LC came out, and also, the same year the DNA remix of Suzanne Vega's song Tom's Diner came out, seeing as Tom's Diner would be used as song to aid development of the MP3 file format, but the a cappella version was used for that.

very educational how I talked about this eh?
April 17th, 2018
Leonard Cohen from the gangsta Suzanne movie
April 16th, 2018
well, actually, the name Suzanne dropped in popularity as a baby name after the release of the Leonard Cohen song of that title.

also, the reason why I'm talking about Tom's Diner in this Major Tom site, is because I see a big list of reasons to see Thomas as the masculine equivalent of the name Suzanne, and that Tom's Diner song by Suzanne Vega, used to test development of the MP3 file format is a hallmark example of a historical event that would solidify the idea that Thomas is the masculine version of the name.

and here's some evidence that Thomas is the masculine version of the name Suzanne:

convenience store chain 7 Eleven was founded by the Thompson brothers, and well, singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega was born on July 11th of 1959, how does that explain the idea of writing the song "Tom's Diner", and well, MP3 players would be the most convenient way to listen to our favorite jams!

rapid fire guns: Tommy guns, Uzis (which rhyme with Suzi), Sault (pronounced Sue) means "rapids" in french, MP5 (a name similar to MP3),

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, and some would dub it a "lazy Susan"

in the 1991 movie What About Bob? the Gutmans, whom were pissed off at Dr. Leo Marvin for buying their dream home, would be portrayed by an actor named Tom, and an actress named Susan.

in the 1996 movie Fly Away Home, a guy in the movie named Tom had a lightweight aircraft which would guide some orphaned baby geese from Canada to North Carolina, and he had a lover named Susan

there's alot more I wanna say about my theory on all this, but I'll wait until I make another comment, since I'm running out of characters to type for this one long comment!
April 16th, 2018
On on the site ?forget
April 15th, 2018
April 15th, 2018
here's a reason why users would make "effortless" YTMNDs:

because at least they adhere to the first Intrepid principle:

"effort is nothing, achievement is everything"

and I give gendark01 credit for adhering to the second and third principles!

second being: "YTMND is about fads, and embracing those fads"

and I see gendark01's video game sprites on the front page style of sites as a unique fad to that user.

and at least gendark01 will vote based on the site every now and then.

but yeah, YTMND can be a weird community with some users ideas being weird.
April 15th, 2018
u got that right!
April 15th, 2018
if you ask me, the site died because users don't fully understand reasons to use YTMND instead of YouTube, even if I write a 1000 word essay about why the MP3 file format, the file format that YTMND sites depend on for audio, even exists in the first place, and not to mention the 1000 word essays I write about some of our favorite songs being blocked by acoustic fingerprinting bots on YouTube, seeing as YTMND doesn't have those bots to block MP3 files based on the acoustic fingerprinting of it's content, although YTMND blocks MP3 files based on their filesize, that's if their filesize exceed 8 megabytes of binary data.

we really gotta keep our descriptions short, but it's hard to keep them short when we try to educate users on reasons to use YTMND instead of YouTube.