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?Socket 370 Doesn't Change Facial Expressio... 50,385 617 (4.31)  2007-01-01
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May 13th, 2017
As I am unable to determine who or where exactly the potential alt or collusion downvoting is coming from, I am attempting to restore any downvotes on the account "SusanTrepid" by upvoting the most recent comment section. It is clear that I came to a presumptuous decision regarding the direction of the comment downvotes based purely on assumptions.

If Max does return to sort out this potential downvote issue (assuming it is alt based,) that will be the adequate course of action to remedy any possible issues. He can just follow downvotes (such as those possibly on this comment) to a common source.

I am raising a white flag of neutrality here, I am only interested in Max opening the source up for this website so that we can experiment and possibly improve on it.

As a response to:, and

If I sound unsympathetic or unmoved towards other users affected by aggressive copywrite claims, I apologize. I've seen the internet go from a place of wonder to what it is now. My air of unsympathy is purely disappointment of the system and copywrite claims in general - and realizing the futility of trying to influence major corporate powers like Google for the idea of free entertainment.

I'm also always grateful for others wanting to backup YTMND sites, I can't do it alone especially via the method I'm employing (keeping the site assets as they are.) Others backing up YTMND sites would cover those I would certainly miss, or I would never bother with. Uploading sites to Youtube is still an acceptable medium as more would be able to experience them opposed to my more private backup of material.

Honestly, at this point I'm just here to promote backing up both sites, AND the code. YTMND's code is like gold, Max might not want to use it or touch it again, and it's very possible it might get lost to time (which would be a tragedy.)
May 11th, 2017
Now I get it, my userID on here is [i]223850[/i], and Raiderkenny's userID is [i]22385[/i] (look at the page source.) The form Max is using for sponsorship which creates a POST request probably is no longer compliant with Paypal, or there is just some disagreement between the two for verification. Yet another item that needs to be fixed...

I wonder if there is a way to fuck with the POST request on that form with "SITE_SPONSORSHIP-1014690-223850" to make it look like other users sponsored it (like Max lol.) Something like "SITE_SPONSORSHIP-1014690-1" or "SITE_SPONSORSHIP-1014690-10" in case the zero is getting dropped.

Another thought, if no serverside checks are being done on site creation, you could make YTMNDs that direct to outside links. Bypass Max's regular expression checks in the .js for domain checking (or just force another post request) for a site with a subdomain like "" which should create a redirect for "," users would then go to Google when they click the site with "" passed during the GET request.

Voting on that site would be impossible until someone forced a load on that site via something like Curl for the full hostname of "" for the host field.
November 21st, 2016
Ah, nevermind.

Obviously someone(s) doesn't/don't want me here, and it's clear the only point of this place is for spamming "elephant feces" on the front page with no creative effort.

I'll leave this place and try to remember it how it was back in 2007, not how it is now. Those days have [i]long[/i] past.

To be honest, I'm amazed that [user max:profile] has still kept this place up. I would have likely killed it off years ago, or at least disabled site and user creation. Props to him for doing something I wouldn't.

And I'll say it again one more time: [user max:profile], if you see this, please at least consider open sourcing this place so it can live on in happier times. Times where smaller groups of people who actually care about their content can post on it, and its code can extended for all eternity.

You keep the domain and the trade mark, we can experience and keep a website we once held to such high regards as the best place on the internet.

I've got the sites I care about backed up, and I see no value in staying or attempting to influence/contribute to content on here in a land of alts and feces.

Thanks everyone, and [user max:profile].
November 19th, 2016
... whoa, settle down Beavis.

The only thing I said is that there are some people archiving site assets, while others (such as you) are doing the Youtube thing. Planet is plenty big enough for both formats, no reason to turn this into some strange war.

No one is "not showing respect" to the "ex-youtube users," some just prefer one format while others like the more original YTMND style.

I can't help you with Youtube problems, you want to battle copywrite claims on a MULTI-BILLION dollar company? Go for it, hire yourself boatloads of lawyers and go after Google/Alphabet then. I'm sorry you got hit with copywrite problems, but don't take it out on people here.

I'm not here to fight anybody, especially you or anyone else. (I'm assuming it's you) obviously got angered by something and proceeded to mass downvote my comments. I've never directed any hostile comment at your or anyone else on here for that matter and I am just browsing the website like I always have, back in 2007.

Just take a breath and settle down, we're all YTMNDers here. There's too far few of us left to be attacking each other.
November 16th, 2016
Tbh, the song is actually pretty good.