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February 26th, 2007
On on the news post Deception.
Max, You are officially awesome from this point on. I salute you!
February 19th, 2007
On on the news post Medieval Retrowax.
Good luck, max, and good luck my YTMND brothers!
December 12th, 2006
.....................XMFD, this is gonna be big.
November 7th, 2006
"waste of the top 15. it's a screenshot who gives a f*ck?" ---Yep, all that reading just f*cks up everything! Damn you for making me read anything! Oh, I mean shut the f*ck up!
September 28th, 2006
XMFD I cannot stop laughing at this!
September 28th, 2006
That is insane. Kickass!
September 19th, 2006
MASSIVE win, my friend.
September 9th, 2006
On on the site ?lol, stingray.
The Croc hunter would've totally wanted this.
August 17th, 2006
Well done.
July 9th, 2006
March 4th, 2006
On on the site ?(nsfw) www
I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously, I'm goin to hell.
February 24th, 2006
Old'd for me, and I really don't find suicide funny. But a 2 because this kind of thing doesn't totally gross me out.
February 10th, 2006
Ex. Dee. Now THAT'S entertainment! 5 stars!
February 6th, 2006
*gasp* OMFG!!!1!1!!11!1
February 6th, 2006
On on the site ?Credit Not Guaranteed
Ex. Dee.
February 4th, 2006
On on the site ?lol terrorism
Why is this sponsored?
February 4th, 2006
1) JFK = not funny yet. Lincon = funny 2) Spotz shouldn't be banned. 3) I could think of 10000 better ways to spend that cash.
February 1st, 2006
I don't really find JFK getting killed funny. At all. Even with 'ol Chuck.
December 25th, 2005
That is some of the funniest and most genius **** I've ever seen. 5 stars!
December 25th, 2005
A great way to blow 10 minutes! 5 stars!
December 25th, 2005
On on the site ?imblackyall
That's almost scary.
December 18th, 2005
****ing hillarious and ****ing genius. 5 stars!
December 18th, 2005
On on the site ?3.141592653589793...
(vO_O)> PI IS EXACTLY 3!!!!!
December 18th, 2005
On on the site ?The Angry Beavers
Best. Show. Ever. 5 stars!
December 13th, 2005
On on the site ?WRONG!
Xd. 4 stars.
December 10th, 2005
On on the site ?Kick the baby
Ex. Dee. 5 stars!
December 8th, 2005
5 for potential, -1 for loop, -1 for video quality, +1 for music.
December 6th, 2005
Should be more bleeps.
December 6th, 2005
On on the site ?3.141592653589793...
Genius. 5 STARS!!
December 6th, 2005
Lame try for a shock. That music usually makes me jump but the pic was LAME. 1/5