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December 16th, 2017
"Considering that both Crocs were super-solid games (for their time), I really can't see how this was any "really bad". The only two things that made me go "bah, come on!" is the fact that main protagonist is Miles Prower's mutant cousin and that there's LITERAL design elements (like the jumping spring platforms and friggin' GOLD COINS) from both Sonic and Mario are set in this game. The world itself, aside from those couple aforementioned caveats, looks pretty interesting and solid. Interaction with other characters and the general movement of every animated object/model in the game resembles the "good old days of Croc & Croc 2" just SO GODDAMN HARD that I couldn't stop smiling all way through that trailer. Croc games were VERY solid platforming games, so if Super Lucky's Tale actually plays exactly just like that, we're in for a pretty good time indeed. I just hope that they won't be stealing any more concepts and designs than those they've already stolen from others. I really await of this turning out to be way more original in the end, than what we've seen so far. Sure, this ain't no "Conker", but..."
July 6th, 2017
July 5th, 2017
On on the site ?BOTBGMT
*Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Master Cortex will be very displeased with your resistance! Prepare to suffer his wrath!
July 5th, 2017
They just INTERACTED with each other!!!
July 3rd, 2017