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June 14th, 2004
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July 22nd, 2004
This is ridiculous, judgement-day. You call him by his real name, Reginald Veljohnson, you no talent *ss-clown. His character 'Carl Winslow' from the hit television comedy of the late 80's and early 90's, Family Matters, depicting a middle-cl*ss Afro-
July 3rd, 2004
An incredible piece. This is probably one of the best YTMNDs out there right now, and many of you *ssholes wouldn't know talent if it f*cked you in the *ss, as lollerofls is sure to do with a sh*tty rating like this. I hope you people get hit by a bus.
June 25th, 2004
Jerunk, this is a bold statement, and I commend you in your efforts to rid the YTMND of the unscruplous *ssholes who are continually down-voting all of the lovely work. Some of these people have actually put effort into their work, and it is not for *ssho
June 21st, 2004
In a word, beautiful. It's so true that it makes me want to choke and cry. Thank you for this, Viscid. You are a service to your people.
June 20th, 2004
This is your weakest work thus far, Lollerofls. If I'm ever to see work like this, expect a much lower rating than the prestigious 5 I've awarded you, simply due to contribution. Three works in roughly 24 hours, not at all unimpressive, and that is why