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December 27th, 2006
Awesome, best YTMND in SOME time, wish more like this would pop up instead of it being a monthly or yearly occasion one this good pops up.
November 15th, 2006
As bad as I feel for finding these funny, they are funny. Racism isn't funny when it's hateful purposefully, but when used for humor all races can be funny regardless of their skin color. The songs were a bit over the top though :(
October 25th, 2006
On on the site ?Set Phasers to ROCK!
Mah head a'splode from teh funneh!
October 21st, 2006
another ROY4L original, 5'd
October 19th, 2006
On on the site ?DR-L337'S DAY OFF
Hey Dr-1337, guess what you are that I'm not? NARCICISTIC
October 19th, 2006
On on the site ?:P
Lol House, given more artistic inspiration to YTMND and 4Chan than the entire internets combined.
October 9th, 2006
Awesome, pure unadulterated awesome.
October 5th, 2006
Touching. Nice to see YTMND used to make actual pieces of ART! And to those trolls/*ssh*l*es who think the site should just be about humor, die in a fire.
September 28th, 2006
On on the site ?Test The Brown Note!
I didnt sh*t my pants, but I did let quite a fart.
September 15th, 2006
Cutest thing EVAR ^_^
September 8th, 2006
great site for a great reason, 5
September 5th, 2006
Best Steve Irwin site I've seen since his death, straight from the heart and nearly made me cry.
September 3rd, 2006
as much as I know a lot of us would demean it because of its glaring christian theme, it is a very well put together YTMND, very thoughtful and most of all made with love. it should be taken without hate and without bias
This YTMND is made of 100% pure Grade A WIN!
I'd smack this dumb bitch. 5'd
5'd for best....ass...ever O_O *SCHWING*
5'd for funny-ass music and creative fad.
On on the site ?Original Nic Cage Gif
God damnit, now I'm gonna have to download that song. 5'd for catch theme and funny gif
On on the site ?Pac Iraq
Creative and witty. 5 for you
On on the site ?tribute to a legend
5'd for the surprise and 5'd for 64 years of McCartny
I like it, King sites make me lol. And I wish someone would post the an unedited gif of this since I've never seen the movie and I'm too much of a pussy to go rent it. :(
On on the site ?Being Sean Connery
5'd for Being John Malkovich :)
Down with these mother f*ckers! Scientology is a suicide cult, but slower and more monetarily-draining.
On on the site ?Lazytown Laws
5'd for Sheppard and Firefly in general :)
On on the site ?LazyTown: Drag Queen
I'm seriously wondering if these guys put this sh*t in there, it's a f*cking conspiracy man O_O
This site is made of epic music, and....wait for it.... WIN
Lol, Data is pissed. Good YTMND
I have but one thing to say about this YTMND as a Half-Life fan: ;_;