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July 23rd, 2015
That's not funny, he killed Green Biker Dude to get that bike.
July 20th, 2015
Reply to vtech's comment on the site ?
This site; she's been dead for years now. So death is not something that scares me. There's worse things than death here. They tell me: keep making sites.
July 20th, 2015
On on the site ?Cherry Flavored...
Oh, so this is how you make a good site. Thanks "woman", I'll keep that in mind and try to improve my work in the future.
July 19th, 2015
Come on baby kill a nigger tonight!
July 10th, 2015
so the japanese in the citation fields was completely idiot wrong

I wanted taisen 大戦 meaning "great battle" but got taisen 対戦 meaning "waging war"

I wanted gyakushuu 逆襲 meaning "counterattack" but got gyakushoukai 逆紹介 which is nonsense which comes out to something like "reverse introduction"

that's what I get for just typing roman letters into my IME and not checking the fucking output