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March 4th, 2013
On on the site ?10/10
4'd. Because a 5 would indicate that I knew what the fuck I just saw.
April 1st, 2010
On on the site ?It's You I Like
This should be all over the internet. It should be in newspapers and magazines. It should be on billboards, chalkboards, and televisions across the country. This should be more than a YTMND... because it is.
March 7th, 2010
PERFECT audio selection.
February 27th, 2010
[squilch] mmuuaaahMMMMuaammMmm... Also, remix?
November 5th, 2009
5'd for description alone.
November 3rd, 2009
Finally figured out that the synch time could be negative. Too bad it took me... 8 months.
November 2nd, 2009
5'd for keywords.
November 1st, 2009
That's Mr. Ross. He's Siriusly Black.
October 28th, 2009
I believe Dr. Koen has a summer home in Nome... coincidence?
October 24th, 2009
Epic song. 5'd for DT.
October 23rd, 2009
PS - Hell of a first YTMND. Keep it up.
October 23rd, 2009
Quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen in 3 months. Insta-5+FAV.
October 22nd, 2009
I would but it starts to clip and sound fuzzy. If you know how to fix this, let me know.
October 21st, 2009
I think it would be better if it weren't tiled, but that's me.
October 21st, 2009
Asymmetrical Salami Log.
October 21st, 2009
PB... and MURDER.
October 19th, 2009
October 19th, 2009
What's the song/band you used? Me likey....
October 18th, 2009
:O That technically counts as an entry...
October 18th, 2009
Six word stories, SonOfGod, not diary entries. :P
October 18th, 2009
If you win, will you 5 your own site?
October 18th, 2009
You just fell for the trap. (Final submission, I promise).
October 18th, 2009
I'm done with six word stories.
October 18th, 2009
Sean Connery hates my favorite website.
October 18th, 2009
You are the man now, dog.
October 18th, 2009
On on the site ?Ginger Chicken
Only when admitting to watching Animal Planet.
October 18th, 2009
On on the site ?Your Host
"WELCOME to my nightmare!"