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I'm suprised this hasn't been done with the optimus primal version yet. (if it has, my bad)
Its funny cause its true.
Aren't you going to thank me for the idea, son-go san? XD
*looks at watch* made him an hour ago. We'll see.
Very nice, I'll have to watch that episode gain to see if I notice that next time.
best sync with all facemelters I've seen.
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this one is gold!
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Ha! Take THAT, heathen!
On on the site ?
Dude, this is nice. Almost thought it was taken from theshow for a second.
damn, pushed "4" last time.
oh man, this is brilliant.
Very original, did not expect this one.
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Brilliant. Just Brilliant.
hooray for pizza!
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I borrowed the music from the sound origin listed, but the image was given to me by someone else I know. This was sort of a commissioned YTMND.