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April 9th, 2006
August 13th, 2007
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August 13th, 2007
4'd for a degree of cleverness.
October 4th, 2006
F*ck yes. Take that, retards who keep submitting "LOL PATRIOTS SUCK LOLZZLZOLZOLOLOLZ" ytmnds.
October 4th, 2006
On on the site ?Patriots SUCK
Why is ytmnd beating on the Patriots? They won the super bowl twice in a row, and they were a good team before that, then all of a sudden they are a huge failure only because they had to get a bunch of rookies in last year. I bet when someone else wins the super bowl, you'll say the steelers suck too.
September 30th, 2006
On on the site ?BAH is indestructible
Haha, logged on just to upvote this. A winrar is you!
September 26th, 2006
On on the site ?PenisPai
Yeah, ThyDoom here back to rip you a new one. Or two. The reason people downvote your sites is because... Your sites suck. GASP! Didn't think of that did you? They're not funny. Gasp! Another plot twist! Seriously, really look at them. The only reason you think these downvotings are unjust is because YOU think it's hilarious, and therefore think everyone else will. Also, even if we didn't make any YTMNDs, it doesn't matter. We're not the ones who made a sucky ytmnd, you are.