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This site made about as much sense as Michael Jackson' life so enjoy your five.
5'd for "Pez, candy so terrible, it doesn't matter what orifice you pull it out of."
On on the site ?Stalin Alive
As much as I want the Stalin fad to live a million years, this sounds nothing like Stalin.
Awesome, but I'll reserve my 6 for the first person to replace that line with horsedick.
3'd because I wanted horsedick, got something similar but not as satisfying.
You dare to doubt Rainbow Stalin, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Great Architect of Communism, Gardener of Human Happiness? I sh*t on you sir, I sh*t on you.
It's not as bad as getting shot in the face. 5'd.
On on the site ?Busey'ed
Ow, my brain.
On on the site ?NES-sage in a Bottle
This is kind of awesome.
On on the site ?What's in Niagra?
It's better than AIDS.
5'd for retarded epicness and the Wings.
On on the site ?No more please
5 for anti-Moonman.
On on the site ?~Relax~
Is that Thailand?
5'd for exposing the young whippersnappers to the great hits of an older generation. Also nice picture.
I hope this fad lives for a million years.
Burn in hell, unbeliever!
my girlfriend was in that group...after hitler, of course
On on the site ?sex school
This deserves every 5 it gets.
Tomatoes did 9/11
On on the site ?Fun With Rap Music
Did you switch the speakers around recently? It sounds different than previous times I listened to it. I hear the Beastie Boys in the right speaker and Ratatat in my left speaker. I liked the other way :(.
On on the site ?I couldn't help it...
Nothing too special but any YTMND whose sources are both Hitler and Sesame Street deserves some kind of consolation prize.
February 27th, 2009
I don't know what earns you the 5 more: your voice, or your creativity.
February 13th, 2009
+5 for f*ggot french music
February 12th, 2009
That's so epic my head just exploded.
I can still hear Sponge Bob in here from the original. I presume that's not intended.
On on the site ?Bale to play us out
Carthage must be destroyed.
This is degrading!
On on the site ?Enjoy Paraguay
Not as good as the Iceland one, but 5'd for the song choice and for the "famous residents" section.