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?Riker has NO CLASS. (4.49) money-hat 2006-05-10
I hate Money-Hat, he's too damn good at YTMND.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-05-12
I give SirLemmin credit on this. Looks like it took a whole bunch of effort. Turned out very nice as well, which equals a solid five in my book.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?You Are Watching Jeff Goldblum Poop. (3.97) money-hat 2006-05-15
Damn, Money-Hat sucks, he makes too many good YTMNDs.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?A History Of YTMND-ence...(end text longer now) (4.35) Dasyati 2006-05-17
A genius idea and well-put-together also. This YTMND was a joy to watch. The vocal at the end made me LAWL as well.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?The Ultimate Suffering (4.58) syncan 2006-05-17
Yeah, yeah, it's Syncan's, so you know it's fuckin' good.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?MICKEY MOUSE! STAY AWAY FROM YTMN... (4.35) money-hat 2006-05-17
Oh look, Money-Hat made another good YTMND.. *shock*
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?lol india (3.51) montycbh 2006-05-17
I don't think many people get this. I, on the other hand find it hilarious! A must see.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?President Lincoln floating in space (vastly improved ... (4.30) money-hat 2006-05-17
I can listen to this for hours.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-17
?Ronald Hunts McFly (4.40) espionagedb7 2006-05-18
The editing in this particular YTMND is great. It's funny as hell and very nicely edited. Easy 5 and a great find!
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-18
?The YTMND Fad Machine! (4.42) ROY4L 2006-05-20
I have to adsmit, ROY4L has amazing abilities. His animations are smooth and clear. Some have their opinions but this man deserves no less than 5 stars.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-20
?Tenacious D, Demon Exterminator (4.46) ps3fool 2006-05-24
Sheer awesomeness.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-24
?Epic NES Bike Maneuver! (4.10) orangelounge 2006-05-24
Pure fucking gold.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-24
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-05-31
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-05-31
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush - The Gam... (4.37) Corevirus 2006-06-07
This is greatness. Good to see some YTMNDs that make visiting this site worth it.
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-06-07
?Ninjas Hate The Matrix (refresh) (4.02) RaCailum 2006-06-09
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-06-09
?Eric Bauman lets Alan explain (4.50) phaseblue 2006-06-26
This is pure goodness. SEE IT NOW!
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-06-26
?A Series of Tubes: The Movie (4.58) krebstar 2006-08-09
Great work, highly recommended!
UltraCoolHumanite 2006-08-09
?Mr. Halmoka, stop eating my sesame cake... (3.75) tomfickle 2007-04-23