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?Aquatic Zebra (3.66) Waxbeetle 2007-04-07
Fuck Solar Yak, Seabra will go down in history!
Warrigel 2007-04-07
?YFly Doesn't Change Position w/ More BILB... (3.45) DiGiTyDarKMaN 2007-04-23
YFLY is bullshit, this is BLASPHEMY! Taxation without representation. I believe it's time to declare our independence from YTMND and form our own internets. This cannot STAND!
Warrigel 2007-04-23
?Flailing Overlord (3.70) zhz 2007-05-29
Warrigel 2007-05-29
?The TF2 Beta Release Got a Little Ugly (3.67) zhz 2007-09-18
lol, gabe is a dick.
Warrigel 2007-09-18
?Halo Nerd Explains Halo 3 (3.50) Waxbeetle 2007-09-26
lol, mmk
Warrigel 2007-09-26
?Little Rocket Man (4.07) Hasuke 2007-10-16
Capt. Kirk only wishes he could be as awesome as space knome.
Warrigel 2007-10-16