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March 4th, 2008
Technically, they're slugs, but whatever you think it is is fun by me. :)
February 1st, 2008
Yeah, he is that.
February 1st, 2008
I think it's called a Behleit... It means "Egg of the King", in some language.
January 31st, 2008
In '96, this might've been the best available public lappy. This is so cool. Also NEDM.
January 31st, 2008
I say, it's a defect. You say, it's a feature. I say... TAKE ME OUT!!!
January 31st, 2008
January 28th, 2008
Well, forced births can result in birth defects. -The More You Know.
January 8th, 2008
I looped the music. That counts as making.
January 5th, 2008
On on the site ?The Cosby is a Lie
Oh Snap!
January 3rd, 2008
On on the site ?Erm, wtf? V6
Awesome, eh?
December 17th, 2007
Reply to max's comment on the news post spaceship.
what about black & white stripes?
December 14th, 2007
C'mon. If you're gonna rate, comment as well plz? Don't just hit & run.
December 14th, 2007
Ripley: Get away from her, you b*tch! YTMNJ: Calm down Ripley, she isn't a Xenomorph Queen, she's a Yautja Matriarch! Ripley: Lol, my bad.
December 9th, 2007
If it were a time-travelling engineer, he'd be saying "Spy Sappin' Mah Century!". Awesome.
December 5th, 2007
F*cking win, right there!
December 5th, 2007
nice one! 5'd.
December 5th, 2007
Wow, nice one! 5'd.
December 4th, 2007
btw, i can't rate for some reason...
December 4th, 2007
My ears! The goggles do nothing! Arnie: Well of course, you douchebag, you're wearing them on your waist!
December 3rd, 2007
Sounds like fun... I've used your sound file in a TF2 ytmnd I made. Wanna see?
December 3rd, 2007
On on the site ?Somehting wyrde...
Hmmm... I've just realised, that this might have been my "prologue" to the Erm, wtf? ytmnd series I made...
December 3rd, 2007
Amen, brother. Also, I just found her wandering outside. Bit of a troublemaker, isn't she?
November 23rd, 2007
November 23rd, 2007
*sigh* He's touching her boobs! Are you blind or what?
November 22nd, 2007
On on the site ?
November 19th, 2007
Good on ya, mate.
November 15th, 2007
On on the site ?Portal - Techno Remix
Best song in the history of gaming!
November 15th, 2007
i'm not a goddam Jew! I'm a believer that They Who Harvest are controlling our governments, and are preventing progress towards higher tecnology, and covering up the existance of aliens, ghosts and magic, lest we try to use them to thwart the plans of They Who Harvest.
November 10th, 2007
Fcuking epic.