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Giuliani or McCane for president; both would do a hell of a job
5'ed so hard for Cannibal
Dirk Diggler and Boogey Nights gets you a 5
On on the site ?Our galaxy is doomed
Old news my friend old news
On on the site ?Why No Khan?
Goosebumps music wow I wish I could give you a higher rating
On on the site ?Trebek has allergies
quality ytmnd'ing
I want to punch everyone pictured there they give Christians a bad name
^ round 20
...why is this so highly rated there is no joke no punchline no nothing all you did was put ytmnd pictures and sounds. You get a 2 for effort but I really dont see why this is so good
On on the site ?SPOKANE!
Dog bites man
On on the site ?
Patrick Bateman > Keaton
On on the site ?Jin is dead. R.I.P.
Sad he died but i didnt know him so 3
On on the site ?Inkdrinker vs. DZK
Inkdrinker is greater than DZK. DZK's ytmnd's are never funny whats wrong with you people
On on the site ?Corzine . . .
Pauleo that is somewhat true
On on the site ?Corzine . . .
I live in New Jersey, GOD DAMNIT HES A SCUMBAG
I think I saw one in Up and Coming and figured it was a start
My VERY first ytmnd isn't that something. Personally I know it is not good but I learned how to make a ytmnd in the process hoorah
On on the site ?Don't Worry, England
5 because that guys balls got destroyed
On on the site ?lol obesity
Is the song supposed to be his heartbeat because if it is thats f*cking good
that was pretty damn sad
You made me laugh
I loath anything from DZK (^ thats my name)
On on the site ?The Truth About Eon8
Everytime i hear that music I cry alittle because it means ive been discovered in Hitman
Change it to the band of brothers music this audio is awful, D-Day was a hell of a lot louder and intense.
5 for having a sweet beard