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November 11th, 2011
I listened to this for 7 minutes because I cuolden't hear where the song began and ended. Nice job.
November 10th, 2011
jealous cuz you can't make a good site like this?
On on the site ?blue factory
This makes a neat screen saver.
4 seconds of editing, 4 minutes of boring rambling.
Stop giving MGS a bad name. It's creative, do you know what that word means?
On on the site ?epic sax ass n titties
Turn down the sax a tad (or increase the rapping) and I could listen to this on my MP3 forever
Why do you keep cranking out sites when everyone thinks they're shit.. Quality, not quantity you retarded highschool kid.
For a gif consisting of two images, this is remarkably addicting...
Wow, pretty nice site. Also, seeing as how jobs died *looks at watch* 5 hours before you made this site...good job
That guy who gave everyone Macs and Ipods, while secretly designed them to be dormant robots that'll activate 7 days after he dies in a sort of dead mans switch.

Too bad no one can do that to your sites bro.
Loved it.
On on the site ?Don't Leave Yet!!
wannabegaynnigger could take a lesson from a site that's ORIGINAL AND CLEVER.
On on the site ?This Ain't Reality TV
Fuck you, try making a good YTMND for once.

And fuck yo MS paint.
Shit like this is what made YTMND suck so bad. Take me back to 2005 when shittards like you didn't make MS paint bullshit and post it. 100+ sites, 2.9 rating. Quality, not quantity.
September 24th, 2011
Perfect, I can't imagine how much work went into this.
On on the site ?
fuck you.
this guy gave you a one
hopefully no one remembers this YTMND
lol or not to lol
made me lol
On on the site ?The fat kid gangsta
DIE motha f*cka
On on the site ?Pokémon: America
that wazent funny, if the song waz redone to fit the picture then maybe , but slaves wernt traind to be the very best, and they wernt traind
On on the site ?
lol very good