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May 8th, 2007
On on the site ?Burping Cat
is that me?
March 9th, 2007
February 6th, 2007
only sounds good with YTMND songs that don't have lyrics
January 24th, 2007
On on the site ?
September 20th, 2006
September 14th, 2006
It's the 90s precursor to YTMND.
September 2nd, 2006
this needs Moonlight Sonata in the background
August 18th, 2006
I agree, it was glorious. Best time at the movies in a LONG time.
August 17th, 2006
apparently this is the only thing he ever said in this show
August 14th, 2006
I thought I recognized this song from somewhere. It's in Breakin', you sly fox
August 11th, 2006
I am the man who will fight for your honor, I'll be the hero that you're dreaming of
August 4th, 2006
he doesn't know what the jazz is all about
August 3rd, 2006
On on the site ?FLA to the VA
This is great
July 29th, 2006
yeah, I 5'd it because it's a good YTMND, but i suggest cropping out the "fugly.com"
July 28th, 2006
On on the site ?
I think this might've been better with simply the cash register noise going off with each shot (also from the movie)
July 21st, 2006
To me, it's not about the meaning. I don't really care. He puts together some cool stuff that's interesting to look at. Nobody else on YTMND does that. So what if you don't "get it"? There is quality in his work, you don't have to strain to appreciate it.
July 21st, 2006
where the heck did you come from?
July 21st, 2006
The future of dance warfare? Are you talking about "You Got Served 209X"?
July 18th, 2006
On on the site ?Lando Screams
Lando scream!!
July 6th, 2006
I think I actually want to play this game
June 24th, 2006
On on the site ?-9.8 m/s/s
if you REALLY wanted to get technical about it, you could say that simply opposing gravity isn't enough to give you an upward trajectory...you'll just float. but again, I'm only concerned with making it look like the opposite of the other site
June 24th, 2006
On on the site ?-9.8 m/s/s
it works either way, it's just that since gravity moves "DOWN" from a 2D point of view, it's usually represented as a negative number.
June 24th, 2006
On on the site ?-9.8 m/s/s
i know what you mean, but it wouldn't make sense in the YTMND world unless jeremyspoken22 changes his title to -9.8
June 24th, 2006
On on the site ?-9.8 m/s/s
that depends entirely on frame of reference. if lol gravity is +9.8 m/s/s, then lol antigravity is -9.8
June 22nd, 2006
this was done a long time ago
June 20th, 2006
On on the site ?
not a good song choice
June 19th, 2006
On on the site ?Tetsuo: The Iron Man
director shinya tsukamoto will get the 5
June 13th, 2006
On on the site ?Xenu is...
I've been inside that L. Ron place. I even saw an e-meter. It's creepy stuff, man.
June 12th, 2006
On on the site ?omg, N64! (updated)
i think the best part of this is the helmet