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?$599 Burning a Hole in Your Pocket? (4.38) ibanezdude 2006-10-08
PS3 = 600 dollars for Metal Gear Solid 4 and attacking weak points on giant enemy crabs. Wii = 250 dollars for Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Super Smash Bros., Red Steel, and the most fun with video games since the gravity gun! Wii gives a Mortal Kombat fatality blow to PS3's 600 dollar ass.
christhepenguin3 2006-10-08
?New Talent on 60 Minutes (4.78) Improviser 2006-10-24
Was gonna just 5 but then I saw Jack from Fight Club so I faved it. New 60 minutes pwns.
christhepenguin3 2006-10-24
?DougerBaloneys™ 4 - Doug's Big Fart (4.36) MurdarMachene 2006-10-24
That was the best fart joke since Blazing Saddles.
christhepenguin3 2006-10-24
?The Ultimate Suffering (4.58) syncan 2006-10-24
Somebody speaks for the YTMND'ers!!! Don't necessarily LOVE the movie but it was funny nonetheless. 5'd and Fav'd.
christhepenguin3 2006-10-24
?How much will the PS4 retail for? (4.17) CyrisMustang 2006-10-24
Nine Thousand FTW.
christhepenguin3 2006-10-24
?Bake A Cake Song (FIXED SOUND) (4.45) MOSHCORE666 2006-12-11
dammit that was BRILLIANT!
christhepenguin3 2006-12-11
?catonakeyboardinspace (4.63) napalmnabuco 2006-12-13