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?Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby (4.68) studged 2006-08-25
this was so funny
colossus 2006-08-25
?Truly an Awesome God... LOL! (3.72) scottman25 2006-08-25
scott u rock, this is one of the best ytmnds i've ever seen
colossus 2006-08-25
?Your new savior (2.69) svenson 2006-08-25
"sven" u pwn all noobs. lol it's colossus ur buddy
colossus 2006-08-25
?the killer is coming (3.25) colossus 2006-08-28
?Christian Fiction (3.72) tatltat 2006-09-20
thank you for showing me the truth lol
colossus 2006-09-20
?Fun with Pronunciation (3.68) scottman25 2006-10-21
very nice scott
colossus 2006-10-21