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March 28th, 2008
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March 13th, 2008
On on the site ?loldage
press z or r twice. 5'd because i lawled
February 25th, 2008
part of me wanted you to say "sad face" for the emoticon at the end. As for the people requesting that this becomes a movie, I suggest the retarded version of Sean Penn for the role of Jimm
February 23rd, 2008
good discussion. and your point is taken. sorry it took me so long to get back, I'm a student at NIU and it's been chaos up here
February 14th, 2008
werenít NEAR the active participants you try to play them as. (Side note: The whole U.S. failed on the issue of slavery, not just the South)
February 14th, 2008
Yeah but there's a hell of a lot more to those warlords. In African history there was never really a great conqueror, nor did they ever have large political systems like a state, which is significantly tied to their general idea of property. It was common for European slave traders to have tribes intentionally wage war with each other. Prisoners of war became slaves, and weapons were traded to the tribes in exchange for those slaves. In their minds Africans weren't selling their neighbors, they were selling enemy soldiers from wars. These wars were purposely instigated, enflamed, and protracted by the larger European powers that were making their way through the entire continent causing political instability for their own personal gain. Look at Portuguese Angola. The slave trade wasnít going into Africa and just kidnapping, nor was it just crazy warlords waging war for simple financial gain. It was a significantly WORSE system where European powers played puppeteer and all Africans were exploited. They