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May 21st, 2008
lol @ jaw.
May 11th, 2008
On on the site ?
two years later and no one's told this guy it's stu pickles??
April 15th, 2008
On on the site ?DOOM Fanfiction Redux
i forgot how funny this is. you truly deserve an award of some sort...
April 15th, 2008
hahaha, brilliant. zelda list really puts things in perspective.
April 15th, 2008
why is it that some of the most well-done ytmnds are bttf parodies? times 5.
March 14th, 2008
On on the site ?
lol. virgil.
March 12th, 2008
On on the site ?3.141592653589793...
fived for inclusion of "pie" in keywords.
February 24th, 2008
what an amazing disaster.
February 24th, 2008
i've never heard such a symphony of farts. must be all those zombie chips...
February 23rd, 2008
of mashed potatoes.
February 13th, 2008
it's been done. and quite well, at that: <a href="http://UncleShredder.ytmnd.com/">http://UncleShredder.ytmnd.com/</a>
February 12th, 2008
excellent harmonies, excellent groove. fived, favorited, and downloaded!
February 12th, 2008
what... this tune? i don't find it on there...
January 2nd, 2008
it all comes together so f*cking well. cheers.
January 2nd, 2008
as evidenced by btape, it's been done before. plus, no dew army keyword.
January 2nd, 2008
January 2nd, 2008
hey. i've got an idea. let's never stop. trying to love. this f*cking ytmnd.
November 4th, 2006
On on the site ?Ninja Turtles Pies
there's no better vehicle than the word "power" to convince people to eat stagnant vanilla pudding. that's as close as i'll ever be to finding a meaning, heh.
July 31st, 2006
On on the site ?Fruit Pie
ha. placeholder or not, i think steve reich is quite complementary to the picture. for some reason i giggled when the sound loaded.
July 30th, 2006
*reads death threat*
July 24th, 2006
i laughed a haughty, haughty laugh.
July 23rd, 2006
wonderful. if it weren't a ytmnd, i may actually shed a tear.
July 21st, 2006
quite pleasant.
July 21st, 2006
had me giggling aloud. fived.
July 21st, 2006
"oh ma gahd!"