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November 11th, 2011
On on the site ?Fad State circa 2002
1st place prize!1!!!
November 6th, 2011
hahaha. I was thinking about adding the NOOOOO at the end.
January 12th, 2010
On on the site ?Stand up and fap
this is funny. what is he actually saying
October 27th, 2009
ew. i would not date this thing lol.. its just someone that i know who is hideous
October 3rd, 2009
On on the site ?Corn on the Cob!
i love it when great old ytmnds make a come back
September 19th, 2009
best keygen song ever
June 6th, 2009
On on the site ?Jew Zombiez
this is weird. i'm jewish... and this is in really bad taste. but i almost want to like it cause its so politically incorrect. i don't know what to think!! 3'd.
June 6th, 2009
On on the site ?Geordi Meter
i lol'd
March 10th, 2009
March 6th, 2009
On on the site ?zazaza'd
i love how this fad is still around. so win.
November 13th, 2008
this is gold
October 21st, 2008
When your bodily fluids combine... I AM SARAH PALIN
October 18th, 2008
On on the site ?Road Rave
i'll take the one on the left. you take the one on the right.
October 3rd, 2008
On on the site ?BLACK STEPH
wait so shes underage AND black? JACKPOT
September 20th, 2008
soylent green is people!
September 19th, 2008
but it only took 300 penises to defeat xerxes' army
September 17th, 2008
the below sentence is true. DO A BARREL ROLL
September 5th, 2008
On on the site ?I'm not your girl!
September 4th, 2008
i bursted out with laughter after the music started playing overlapped for the third time
September 4th, 2008
could use a little more raptor jesus
August 25th, 2008
you need the liu kang bicycle kick sound somewhere in here
August 24th, 2008
On on the site ?fadtricide
August 20th, 2008
August 19th, 2008
fap fap fap
August 17th, 2008
On on the site ?Doug's Torture
this is great.. the music makes me wanna give it a 6. memoriessss
August 16th, 2008
On on the site ?mario makes a sandwich
you are a strange sort of genius. i can't describe it.
August 15th, 2008
i actually just started THINKING about this ytmnd at work and lol'd
May 23rd, 2008
genie jafar aladdin abu