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May 9th, 2007
April 30th, 2007
Long story short, I ownd him.
April 29th, 2007
Honestly, I have no clue how you came up with this, but it's genius nevertheless.
April 15th, 2007
If I remember, Syncan already made this, a LONG time ago.
April 1st, 2007
On on the site ?YTMND: The Game
Well, thank you for ruining it, *ssh*le.
April 1st, 2007
On on the site ?YTMND: The Game
I don't know how you did it, it's almost like you actually managed to get Sean Connery to do the voice work!
April 1st, 2007
A life for a week?
April 1st, 2007
On on the site ?YTMND: The Game
God damn, how do I play?? It's downloaded, but it won't run :'(
April 1st, 2007
On on the site ?300: That's Racist
Took him days to climb that mountain, seeing as it was the only KFC in Rome.
March 28th, 2007
On on the site ?Xbox 360 120GB Fails
Indeed. Not as much as this site, however.
March 28th, 2007
If only her brother wasn't a scurge to mankind.
March 28th, 2007
Thank you for not playing Best Day Ever
March 23rd, 2007
On on the site ?Arcadians are Losers
March 19th, 2007
Ha ha, very original. (in a sense)
March 17th, 2007
Wow, how the f*ck did they come up with this?? Also, nice job on the choice of music.
March 13th, 2007
I could listen to this for hours. Sadly...
March 12th, 2007
On on the site ?2 Stupid dogs, CAAAT!
March 11th, 2007
On on the site ?LOL IRON MAIDEN!!!
I find it amusing that there are only 3 downvoters here, each with a stupid reason.
March 6th, 2007
On on the site ?Hello? Who's Calling?
Another syncan classic.
March 6th, 2007
It's funny, but it starts kinda starts to get outta sinc after the 1st one. Nothing huge, its just a little annoying.
February 25th, 2007
Hahaha, one of my favorite songs, and I never noticed that.
February 18th, 2007
Katamari Damaci makes this perfect.
January 27th, 2007
On on the site ?You Betrayed the LAWL
This is hilarious, but I think SHOOP DA WOOP kind of ruined the joke...
January 18th, 2007
On on the site ?Hello, I'm a Mac
This is the single greatest YTMND ever made. I don't care what I've said before, this is it.
January 9th, 2007
On on the site ?Poland Tool Kit
So much better than I thought.
January 4th, 2007
On on the site ?inner thoughtz
I don't care if I've seen this before, or even if it was taken from 4Chan, this always makes me laugh XD
January 3rd, 2007
On on the site ?Head Lice Inspection
Uhg, the hair on my neck just stood up 0.0
January 3rd, 2007
Jawsome! Nice find, also.
January 1st, 2007
F*cking amazing. Period.