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July 22nd, 2007
Reply to Perforated's comment on the news post magic.
was that supposed to be English?
June 10th, 2007
I was so afraid this was going to be related to this new wave of "TMNT" related sh*te that's got all the kids attention. Thank you for going back to the real TMNT movies for your edit.
June 10th, 2007
On on the site ?Stevebusters
probably one of the best edits ever Thank you
June 2nd, 2007
I don't see how people could vote less than a 5 on this one....
May 22nd, 2007
On on the site ?Happy gets VDUB'd
May 1st, 2007
On on the site ?Standing Tall
I miss that show
March 25th, 2007
On on the site ?Arcadians are Losers
This is why you are the Master sir.
March 14th, 2007
Well here comes Johnny with his pecker in his hand He's a one ball man and he's off to the rodeo
March 1st, 2007
On on the site ?Mullets & Weapons
nice edit, but that's not a mullet
February 20th, 2007
The composer of the song is Nobuo Uematsu.
February 15th, 2007
signature #528 right here
February 4th, 2007
February 3rd, 2007
On on the site ?October 18, 1994
great edit
December 29th, 2006
One until you get the sound source right
December 16th, 2006
You forgot poland
July 24th, 2006
On on the site ?Look Up
ow my eyes! I love it!
July 17th, 2006
Couldn't help but give it a 5, the sound was excellent though the first two kids on the tricycles were poorly done. Everything else was perfect.
July 17th, 2006
Funnier than the one that's in the top 15 right now
July 17th, 2006
Nice quick edit
July 17th, 2006
The best part? He was probably getting paid for every minute she kept him on the line with her ranting. His laughing was, I bet, because he knew he was getting paid.
July 4th, 2006
I lol'd irl
June 3rd, 2006
5 for Bad Religion
May 31st, 2006
On on the site ?I'm Going For a Walk
5'd for Bad Religion
May 14th, 2006
On on the site ?test
must....not....rate......DAMN I COULDNT HELP IT!
April 26th, 2006
On on the site ?ganxsta ass nigs
Loop is Ice Cube feat. Dr. Dre - Natural Born Killaz
April 14th, 2006
On on the site ?Screw you, Newgrounds
way to test the system and get smacked down in the process
April 11th, 2006
On on the site ?Cairne Bloodhoof Log
Hitting Alt+Z removes the UI from your screen. Also you could have made the log itself a more central point in the image. Funny idea though.
April 6th, 2006
destined to be a classic
March 20th, 2006
On on the site ?Just Relax...
New desktop background images are fun