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August 18th, 2005
August 18th, 2005
On on the site ?Butt Racing
Too bad there's not a second person racing against her. Otherwise it's just OK.
YES! Great song!
On on the site ?Dschinghis DOSkau
clever but off-key! >
On on the site ?What is ASCII love?!
4 because I could never do that, but damn am I starting to get tired of that song.
On on the site ?What is NES love?
That's better than the original. Great job!
On on the site ?Sarge
The audio could be improved.
On on the site ?sargesays
I forgive you.
Amusing, but I'd need a lot of pot to rate this as a 5.
Good, those damn idiots were annoying.
On on the site ?Digimon in Nutshell
HOLY f*ck. One, where's the flash version, and two: f*ckING BREATHE!
On on the site ?Shantae works it
almost f*cking hypnotized me... awesome
On on the site ?Do the emo!
I only gave it a four because stupid f*cking emo kids shouldn't slit their wrists at 4:20.
nice choice of music... congrats on top 15
On on the site ?Sonic The Movie
On on the site ?Dschinghis Morrowind
haha, nice. where was that set up?
On on the site ?Boil 'em
Nice job with the sync, I wonder what Sean Astin would say if he ever saw this... great job! :P
I agree with AztecWarrior- that's not at all f*cking funny you *sshole
On on the site ?
OH MY GOD I was laughing so hard I was CRYING good job and YAY n*gg*!