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?Picard Song (4.56) ShittyMcShit 2006-05-10
How could Picard not be on here? I mean come on.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?Kirk Song (An homage to Picard) (4.14) professor 2006-05-10
Probably the second YTMND I saw...
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?Tom Cruise Kills Oprah (4.32) miochza 2006-05-10
This was on CNN, that's very powerful.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?Safety Not Guaranteed (4.61) axlbonbach 2006-05-10
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?Chunk is Indestructible (4.51) syncan 2006-05-10
Chunk, lol, he's so fat. Plus, this has Picard so that's even more points.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (4.19) Redily 2006-05-10
Started a massive fad that still exists in a smaller state today.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?(nsfw) im a gangster, i'm a straight up G (3.63) deepbluevibes 2006-05-10
Classic YTMND
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?Boil 'em (4.18) ucka 2006-05-10
I hated LOTR, but this was cool.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?Peter Griffin Lives!!!!111 (4.03) fhantum 2006-05-10
Striking, even though it's fake.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?interpretation (etc etc) (4.25) pouriton 2006-05-10
Started a pretty big fad AND was pretty funny.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?N*gg* Stole Conan's Bike (4.50) xxblindchildxx 2006-05-10
There will probably never be a nigger YTMND made better than this one or the one by sycan.
johnbobby 2006-05-10
?Punch Out: Minor Circuit *Timeguy* (4.38) nutnics 2006-05-11
Fav'd for the music alone
johnbobby 2006-05-11
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-05-12
Very nicely done
johnbobby 2006-05-20
?AH AH AH. YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGI... (4.24) onefifty 2006-05-20
Jurassic Park, 'nuff said.
johnbobby 2006-05-20
?Dubya Song (4.57) furrykef 2006-06-11
johnbobby 2006-06-11
?An Illustrated History of Scientology (4.53) drhouse 2006-06-13
Intriguing, lol
johnbobby 2006-06-13