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March 4th, 2011
THIS IS PATHETIC. Let's totally preserve Braxton's "electronic legacy" with his super babble bantering about bullshit that only about 1% of the population finds remotely entertaining. Let's leave up all his links with porn and off color humor so his child can find them online one day and be even more confused about who his father was. After reading his "electronic legacy" he sounds like a person desperately trying to be clever and weird, desperately trying to shock people. So yes! Let's all defend him and bash his ex-wife, because that makes a lot of sense. You should be so proud of yourselves. loosers.

What is wrong with you people? So what if you don't like his ex-wife. She has lost her marriage, lost the father of her child, can you find any compassion in your stupid little hearts to just let it be? Or maybe just leave her alone because it is none of your business? Do ANY of you find it a LITTLE weird that someone would be posting these recordings about their ex wife on the internet? Because guess what? It's not normal! It is incredibly passive aggressive and to me shows the characteristics of a spineless coward.

This is in incredibly sad thing for both families. I'm sure none of you will take my message to heart. If Braxton is sober in heaven or hell, I'm sure he could see the situation clearly, and wouldn't want it to be like this.

Have a nice day.