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?The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology (4.65) smoothmedia 2006-06-19
mcwblue 2006-06-19
?Epic Windows XP Maneuver (4.59) spazdor 2006-07-01
fucking awsome
mcwblue 2006-07-01
?Why max hates ytmnders. (4.61) Feedrosie 2006-09-14
i was sold when you said NEDM? and then started singing the song
mcwblue 2006-09-14
?Pale Blue Dot (an atheist's view - tiny update) (4.08) Lave 2006-09-30
ugh people saying shit like "just because its small only means that god made us a big stage" are totaly full of shit. i cant beleave you shit hoses can spew shit like that and keep a straight face. what a bunch of dumb fucks. religion will get you no were i hope it helps yer dumb asses sleep at night.
mcwblue 2006-09-30
?PowerPoint: Death Star Attack (4.67) AskAak 2006-10-09
when windows crashed at the end i knew it was going on my fav!
mcwblue 2006-10-09
?Color ME YTMND (4.70) nutnics 2006-10-28
mcwblue 2006-10-28
?O (4.54) keatonkeaton999 2007-04-07
nice pice of work i love it
mcwblue 2007-04-07