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April 5th, 2006
On on the site ?You Are A Idiot
Irony, much?
April 5th, 2006
Fantastic. Although, I think you should find an image that's more reflective of the lucidity of the audio. Although, the experience was incredible. 5
April 5th, 2006
5 because, despite the movie sucking, the Queen theme song rules. And actually using flash earned some points, too.
March 7th, 2006
One of the most perfectly executed YTMND's on the net. Excellent stuff. And a perfect choice for music.
March 7th, 2006
Pretty cool.
March 2nd, 2006
On on the site ?Keanu Reeves is.... Heh. I have no idea.
February 28th, 2006
On on the site ?Old Music Owns
You should seriously consider putting ELO in there. But nice call on The Beach Boys, and deciding to put Pink Floyd in there.
February 24th, 2006
On on the site ?Mozart to the limit
5'd, because Mozart freaking rules.
October 25th, 2005
Would have been great 4 years ago.
October 25th, 2005
Nice Frank Calliendo quote.
October 22nd, 2005
On on the site ?OMG Carlton!
It'd be much better if the picture weren't so small.
September 18th, 2005
On on the site ?LOL! :D
Nice touch with the Sonic music.
September 18th, 2005
On on the site ?zelda 2006?!?!
Suicide is the only answer.
September 16th, 2005
This fails at being funny, or 'remote'ly interesting. Aren't I just so witty?
September 10th, 2005
Wow. When Aires gets mad, he gets crazy.
September 10th, 2005
Hey, Hellen Keller. When you want us to read what's in the picture, don't fuking cover it up with text.
September 4th, 2005
That's my scary voice when I talk into a crappy mic.
August 29th, 2005
A waste of bandwidth
August 27th, 2005
Is there a point to this?
August 22nd, 2005
On on the site ?WoW Pwned
Try to make it so the text DOESN'T cover up the image.
August 21st, 2005
I love some animes, but this is just too funny.
August 20th, 2005
On on the site ?
Okay, did you actually think that they would make a game without delaying it, even once? Almost all games are delayed at one point or another in their development cycle.
August 18th, 2005
Who the hell cares?
August 13th, 2005
I like how the OMG is pointing somewhere off screen... where we can't see it... rendering it useless.
August 13th, 2005
On on the site ?In AD 2101...!!!
Somebody set us up the bomb!
August 13th, 2005
On on the site ?She's stayin alive
RevolverNRoses: Check out for the video.
August 13th, 2005
If Maddox has taught us anything, it's that pirates don't dance.
August 12th, 2005
On on the site ?Eiffel 65 is Gay
This might have been relevant four years ago.
August 10th, 2005
That's creepy beyond words.
August 10th, 2005
I'm turned on and frightened at the same time. WTF?